AFC Champions League Fixtures 2023-2024

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AFC Champions League Fixtures 2023-2024: The AFC Champions League 2023-24 marks a milestone as it represents the 42nd edition of Asia’s premier club football competition, organized with precision and dedication by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Over the years, the competition has become an integral part of the Asian football scene, attracting fans and showcasing the great talent and passion for the game across the continent.

What sets this season apart is that it will be the 21st and final edition of the current AFC Champions League title. The upcoming rebrand, expected to take effect in the 2024-25 season, introduces a new name, AFC Champions League Elite. This name change suggests an exciting change and a new approach to the competition.

The decision to change the name of this prestigious competition to the AFC Champions League Elite signals a new era of excellence in football. While the details of this change may not have been fully revealed yet, it raises some interesting questions about what improvements and innovations may be in store for players and fans alike. Will there be changes to the tournament format, team expansion or new marketing initiatives? Only time will tell.

AFC Champions League Fixtures 2023-2024

Monday 18/09/2023
17:00Mumbai City - Nassaji Mazandaran
19:00Al Faisaly - Nasaf
19:00Al Ittihad - AGMK
19:00Al Quwa Al Jawiya - Sepahan
21:00Al Sadd - Sharjah
21:00Al Hilal - Navbahor
Tuesday 19/09/2023
13:00Yokohama F. Marinos - Incheon United
13:00Ulsan - BG Pathum United
15:00Kaya - Shandong Taishan
15:00Johor Darul Ta'zim - Kawasaki Frontale
17:00Pakhtakor - Al Ain
19:00Ahal - Al Fayha
19:00Istiklol - Al Duhail
21:00Persepolis - Al Nassr
Wednesday 20/09/2023
13:00Jeonbuk Motors - Kitchee
13:00Buriram United - Zhejiang
13:00Melbourne City - Ventforet Kofu
15:00Lion City Sailors - Bangkok United
15:00Wuhan Three Towns - Urawa Reds
15:00Hà Nội - Pohang Steelers
Monday 02/10/2023
15:00AGMK - Al Quwa Al Jawiya
17:00Sharjah - Al Faisaly
19:00Nasaf - Al Sadd
19:00Sepahan - Al Ittihad
21:00Al Nassr - Istiklol
21:00Al Duhail - Persepolis
Tuesday 03/10/2023
13:00Incheon United - Kaya
13:00Kawasaki Frontale - Ulsan
15:00Shandong Taishan - Yokohama F. Marinos
15:00BG Pathum United - Johor Darul Ta'zim
17:00Navbahor - Mumbai City
19:00Al Ain - Ahal
19:00Al Fayha - Pakhtakor
19:00Nassaji Mazandaran - Al Hilal
Wednesday 04/10/2023
13:00Ventforet Kofu - Buriram United
13:00Urawa Reds - Hà Nội
13:00Pohang Steelers - Wuhan Three Towns
15:00Kitchee - Lion City Sailors
15:00Bangkok United - Jeonbuk Motors
15:00Zhejiang - Melbourne City
Monday 23/10/2023
17:00AGMK - Sepahan
19:00Sharjah - Nasaf
19:00Al Ittihad - Al Quwa Al Jawiya
19:00Navbahor - Nassaji Mazandaran
21:00Al Sadd - Al Faisaly
21:00Al Hilal - Mumbai City
Tuesday 24/10/2023
13:00Ulsan - Johor Darul Ta'zim
13:00Urawa Reds - Pohang Steelers
15:00BG Pathum United - Kawasaki Frontale
15:00Wuhan Three Towns - Hà Nội
17:00Pakhtakor - Ahal
19:00Al Ain - Al Fayha
19:00Persepolis - Istiklol
21:00Al Nassr - Al Duhail
Wednesday 25/10/2023
13:00Jeonbuk Motors - Lion City Sailors
13:00Incheon United - Shandong Taishan
13:00Yokohama F. Marinos - Kaya
13:00Zhejiang - Ventforet Kofu
13:00Buriram United - Melbourne City
15:00Kitchee - Bangkok United
Monday 06/11/2023
17:00Nasaf - Sharjah
17:00Nassaji Mazandaran - Navbahor
17:00Mumbai City - Al Hilal
19:00Sepahan - AGMK
19:00Al Quwa Al Jawiya - Al Ittihad
21:00Al Faisaly - Al Sadd
Tuesday 07/11/2023
13:00Shandong Taishan - Incheon United
13:00Kawasaki Frontale - BG Pathum United
15:00Kaya - Yokohama F. Marinos
15:00Johor Darul Ta'zim - Ulsan
17:00Ahal - Pakhtakor
17:00Istiklol - Persepolis
19:00Al Fayha - Al Ain
21:00Al Duhail - Al Nassr
Wednesday 08/11/2023
12:00Melbourne City - Buriram United
13:00Lion City Sailors - Jeonbuk Motors
13:00Ventforet Kofu - Zhejiang
13:00Pohang Steelers - Urawa Reds
15:00Bangkok United - Kitchee
15:00Hà Nội - Wuhan Three Towns
Monday 27/11/2023
17:00Sharjah - Al Sadd
17:00Nasaf - Al Faisaly
19:00AGMK - Al Ittihad
19:00Al Duhail - Istiklol
21:00Sepahan - Al Quwa Al Jawiya
21:00Al Nassr - Persepolis
Tuesday 28/11/2023
13:00Incheon United - Yokohama F. Marinos
13:00BG Pathum United - Ulsan
13:00Kawasaki Frontale - Johor Darul Ta'zim
15:00Shandong Taishan - Kaya
19:00Al Ain - Pakhtakor
19:00Al Fayha - Ahal
19:00Navbahor - Al Hilal
19:00Nassaji Mazandaran - Mumbai City
Wednesday 29/11/2023
13:00Kitchee - Jeonbuk Motors
13:00Ventforet Kofu - Melbourne City
13:00Urawa Reds - Wuhan Three Towns
13:00Pohang Steelers - Hà Nội
15:00Zhejiang - Buriram United
17:00Bangkok United - Lion City Sailors
Monday 04/12/2023
19:00Al Sadd - Nasaf
19:00Al Faisaly - Sharjah
19:00Al Hilal - Nassaji Mazandaran
19:00Mumbai City - Navbahor
21:00Al Ittihad - Sepahan
21:00Al Quwa Al Jawiya - AGMK
Tuesday 05/12/2023
17:00Pakhtakor - Al Fayha
17:00Ahal - Al Ain
19:00Persepolis - Al Duhail
19:00Istiklol - Al Nassr
Wednesday 06/12/2023
15:00Wuhan Three Towns - Pohang Steelers
15:00Hà Nội - Urawa Reds
Tuesday 12/12/2023
12:00Melbourne City - Zhejiang
13:00Buriram United - Ventforet Kofu
13:00Ulsan - Kawasaki Frontale
13:00Johor Darul Ta'zim - BG Pathum United
Wednesday 13/12/2023
11:00Yokohama F. Marinos - Shandong Taishan
11:00Kaya - Incheon United
13:00Jeonbuk Motors - Bangkok United
13:00Lion City Sailors - Kitchee

AFC Champions League Fixtures 2023-2024

However, one thing remains the same: the AFC Champions League, whatever its format, will continue to be a focus of competition, involving the best football clubs from all over Asia. It will continue to be a platform for players to showcase their skills and for fans to passionately support their teams, promoting unity and enthusiasm across the continent.

The upcoming name change signifies the AFC’s commitment to ensuring this prestigious competition remains at the forefront of Asian football for years to come. Football fans can look forward to the 2023-24 season as they anticipate the start of the AFC Champions League Elite in 2024-25, eager to see how it will shape the future of club football in Asia.

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