Al Ahly Benghazi vs Enyimba Lineups 20 August 2023

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Al Ahly Benghazi vs Enyimba Lineups 20 August 2023 CAF Champions: Enyimba Starting Lineup vs Ahli Benghazi, Lineup Al-Ahly Benghazi – Enyimba CAF today.

At the Benina Martyrs stadium, the pitch is set for the long-awaited clash between Al-Ahly Benghazi and Enyimba in the first leg of the 2023/24 African Champions League qualifiers. The game is scheduled to kick off at 18:00 Nigerian time on August 20.

As the countdown to the match begins, the question arises: which team will come out on top after 90 minutes of intense competition? Al-Ahly Benghazi and Enyimba are ready to stop at nothing as they fight for supremacy on the field.

Both teams are well aware of the importance of this match, with ambitions to put a mark on the prestigious tournament. The tactics, strategies and individual talent displayed by the players on both sides will ultimately determine the outcome.

The atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation as fans and lovers eagerly await the unfolding of the drama. The clash promises to be a display of skill, determination and sportsmanship, a true testament to the spirit of the good game.

Al Ahly Benghazi vs Enyimba Lineups 20 August 2023

When players enter the field, they carry the hopes and expectations of their fans. With every pass, every tackle and every goal, the narrative of the match will be woven, culminating in the reveal of the dominant team at the end of the 90-minute contest.

Ahly Benghazi XI: Mourad Al Wuhayshi, Osama Al Sourait, Mohammed Al Tarhouni, Arago Jamal, Ali Yusuf; Zakarya Mansouri, Bader Hasan, Abdulrahman Al Amani, Abdullah Balaam; Moataz Al Mahdi, Ahmed Krawaa

Al Ahly Benghazi vs Enyimba Lineups 20 August 2023

Enyimba Starting XI: Olorunleke Ojo; Pascal Eze, Chigozie Chilekwu, Somiari Alalibo, Uwana Asuquo;Eze Ekwutoziam, Ikenna Cooper, Chibuike Nwaiwu, Ekene Awazie; Adiele Eriugo, Victor Mbaoma

The Benina Martyrs Stadium will witness the intensity of this match, where Al-Ahly Benghazi and Enyimba leave everything on the field in search of victory. Football fans from different parts of the world will come together to witness this festival, eagerly waiting to know which team will emerge victorious and take the first step towards the European Champions League.

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