Al-Ittihad Club Players Salaries 2023/2024

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Al-Ittihad Club Players Salaries 2023/2024 Weekly Wages: Soccer is not just a game; It is a multi-billion dollar industry that involves huge financial investments. An important part of this industry is player salaries.

This article explores the fascinating world of Al Ittihad Club player salaries, examining the factors that influence these salaries, the highest paid players, the wage gap, contract negotiations and the club’s position in comparison to other clubs. the league.

Player salaries are of great importance in the world of football. They serve as an indication of player value and market demand. Salaries not only provide financial security for players, but also act as a motivating factor for their performance. Additionally, higher salaries can help attract talented players from around the world, enhancing a club’s reputation and potential on the pitch.

Al-Ittihad Club Players Salaries 2023/2024

Player Name Weekly Wage Yearly Salary
N’Golo Kanté £290,000 £15,080,000
Karim Benzema £278,000 £14,456,000
Aleksandar Prijović £105,000 £5,460,000
Ahmed Hegazi £73,000 £3,796,000
Garry Rodrigues £54,000 £2,808,000
Marcelo Grohe £23,000 £1,196,000
Karim El Ahmadi £23,000 £1,196,000
Fahad Al-Muwallad £20,000 £1,040,000
Abdulaziz Al-Jebreen £19,000 £988,000
Abdulmohsen Fallatah £18,000 £936,000
Romarinho £17,000 £884,000
Abdulelah Al-Malki £17,000 £884,000
Fawaz Al-Qarni £17,000 £884,000
Jota £17,000 £884,000
Abdulmajeed Al-Suwat £16,000 £832,000
Haroune Camara £16,000 £832,000
Abdulrahman Al-Aboud £15,000 £780,000
Ziyad Al-Sahfi £14,000 £728,000
Omar Hawsawi £14,000 £728,000
Abdulrahman Al-Yami £14,000 £728,000
Saud Abdulhamid £13,000 £676,000
Hamdan Al-Shammrani £13,000 £676,000
Awad Al-Nashri £13,000 £676,000
Awn Mutlaq Al-Slaluli £13,000 £676,000
Hamad Al-Mansour £12,000 £624,000
Mohammed Al-Oufi £9,000 £468,000
Rakan Al-Najjar £7,700 £400,400
Muhannad Al-Shanqeeti £4,900 £254,800

An important factor is the gameplay and the skill level of the player. Those who consistently deliver exceptional performances and contribute significantly to the team’s success are often rewarded with higher salaries.

Al-Ittihad Club Players Salaries 2023/2024

Market demands and competition also play an important role in salary negotiations. As more clubs show interest in a particular player, his value increases, leading to higher salary offers. Similarly, if there is a shortage of players in a specific role, the club may need to offer higher salaries to acquire the required talent.

Club finances are another important factor in determining player salaries. The financial stability of the club, its sources of income and sponsorship agreements affect the budget allocated to player salaries.

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