AmaZulu vs Royal AM Lineups 22 July 2023: KZN Premier’s Cup

AmaZulu vs Royal AM Lineups 22 July 2023: KZN Premier’s Cup – As the sun dips over the horizon, anticipation builds among the fans who flock to the stadium for the highly anticipated clash between AmaZulu and Royal AM. The air is thick with excitement and the atmosphere is electrifying as supporters of both sides chant and wave their team colors with pride.

For AmaZulu, there is pressure to prove that they are a formidable force in the PSL. They’ve been preparing hard this offseason, working on developing tactics, strengthening their defense, and strengthening their offensive prowess. Under the leadership of their experienced coach, they are eager to show their progress and show their ability to win the league championship.

On the other hand, Royal AM is a new team in the PSL, and this tournament provides them with an important opportunity to announce their arrival on the big stage. Determined to make a name for themselves, they have been training tirelessly, fostering a spirit of unity among their players and nurturing young talent.

When the referee’s whistle is blown, the game begins with great skill and determination. AmaZulu’s midfielders line up precise passes, while their forwards press relentlessly, looking for their first goal. Royal AM’s defense stands their ground, blocking every attack with grit and determination as they seek to prove that they are among the elite teams.

AmaZulu vs Royal AM Lineups 22 July 2023: KZN Premier’s Cup

Fans share an exciting competition, witnessing moments of beauty from both sides. Spectacular saves from the goalkeeper, daring runs down the flanks and flawless crosses keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Fans from each team cheer and sing, creating a wonderful atmosphere of noise and excitement throughout the game.

PRE-SEASON • #KZNPremiersCup🏆
AmaZulu 🆚 Royal AM FC
🏟️ Sugar Ray Xulu Stadium
🗓️ Saturday, 22 July
🕚 11:00
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LIVE Commentary

AmaZulu FC  2- 0 Royal AM

  • FT’ AmaZulu FC  2- 0 Royal AM
  • Goal > Augustine Kwem doubles our lead with a pinpoint header. Incredible!
  • The substitutions are coming in thick and fast. Ethan Brooks has replaced Msindisi Ndlovu.
  • HALF-TIME AmaZuluFC 1️⃣ – 0️⃣ Royal AM
  • Goal > Abbubaker Mobara converted from close range early on to put Usuthu ahead

As the play reaches its climax, the tension is palpable. AmaZulu and Royal AM are in a fierce battle, they don’t want to survive. Time is running out and it becomes clear that a moment of beauty or a costly mistake can influence the outcome of the match.

AmaZulu XI

  • 7 NTULI
  • 20 NGEMA
  • 30 NDLOVU
  • 14 HANAMUB
  • 4 MALEPE
  • 2 MOBARA
  • 17 GUMEDE
  • 44 MOTHWA

SUBS: Mbanjwa (GK), Dion, Madinga, Zulu, Moremi, Brooks, Maduna, Kwem, and Hlangabeza.

AmaZulu vs Royal AM Lineups 22 July 2023: KZN Premier's Cup

Royal AM Starting XI


In the last few minutes, AmaZulu manages to penetrate the Royal AM fortress with a quick attack. Armed with iron fists, their star striker finds the back of the net, causing raptures and cheers in the stadium. Royal AM fights hard in the remaining seconds, but it’s too late. The final whistle is blown and AmaZulu emerges victorious in this exciting encounter.

Despite the loss, Royal AM walked off the field with their heads held high, knowing that they gave their all and showed their potential. The fans, delighted with the spectacle, are looking forward to the start of the new PSL season, where both teams will undoubtedly be determined to build on the momentum gained in this KZN Champions Cup and succeed in the world of football.

In the end, this build-up game served as an interesting preview of the exciting battle ahead of the 2023-24 PSL season. The teams will now go back to the drawing board, learn from their experiences, and continue their quest for glory when the league officially kicks off. Soccer lovers around the world eagerly await the start of the season, eager to witness the drama, passion and excitement that only the PSL can deliver.

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