Asinamali (2017) Full Movie Watch & Download

Asinamali (2017) Full Movie Watch & Download: The film “Asinamali” is a powerful prison musical, adapted from Mbongeni Ngema’s Broadway production of the same name, which was based on a pivotal moment in South African history.

The story begins with a meeting on Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela gives a strong message to Msizi Dube, asking him to take action on behalf of his people to achieve a free South Africa. Dube’s tragic end doesn’t diminish the impact of his mission, as his point concerns the residents of Lamontville Township who, protesting proposed tax increases, chant “ASINAMALI,” meaning “We Have No Money.” This cry represents the collective anger and passion of the people.

Ten years later, the narrative moves to a prison, where a group of inmates are tasked with creating and acting out a play for the governor and his associates. These seven prisoners, locked in small cells, spend their nights creating work as a way to escape the harsh reality of their imprisonment.

This film is a testimony to the artistic talent of Mbongeni Ngema, who is known for his contribution to drama and storytelling in South Africa. His unique style combines elements of African culture with magical realism, Western influences and modernity. The soundtrack, which features Ngema’s original compositions, draws on his Zulu heritage, his experience in producing theater and a rich history of composing in various musical styles.

Asinamali (2017) Full Movie Watch & Download

Asinamali (2017) Full Movie Watch & Download

Initial release: July 23, 2017
Director: Mbongeni Ngema
Screenplay: Mbongeni Ngema, Dylan Ben-Israel

“Asinamali” is a collaborative effort between Mbongeni Ngema and Darrell Roodt, the same creative team behind the internationally acclaimed film “Sarafina!” In this case, Ngema leads, while Roodt produces. The film has an exclusively South African cast and is shown in the Zulu language, which comprises 60% of the script.

The film looks to be a deep exploration of history, culture and resilience, and offers a unique blend of storytelling and music to deliver a deep-rooted message of social change and empowerment in South Africa.

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