Avenged (2013) iNumber Number Full Movie Watch & Download

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Avenged (2013) iNumber Number Full Movie Watch & Download: “Avenged”, originally called “iNumber Number”, is a 2013 South African film, directed and written by Donovan Marsh. The film was honored to be screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, giving it international exposure and recognition.

The film, directed by Donovan Marsh, is known for its intense action sequences and suspenseful storytelling. It is set in the world of crime and law enforcement and offers a compelling narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The fact that it was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival shows its quality and the filmmaker’s ability to create an engaging cinematic experience.

Avenged (2013) iNumber Number Full Movie Watch & Download

An undercover cop risks his career (and life) to settle a score.

Avenged (2013) iNumber Number Full Movie Watch & Download

Director: Donovan Marsh
Writer: Donovan Marsh
Stars: S’Dumo Mtshali, Presley Chweneyagae, Israel Matseke-Zulu
Release date: April 25, 2014 (South Africa)
Country of origin: South Africa
Languages: EnglishZuluAfrikaansSotho
Also known as: iNumber Number
Filming locations: Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Production company: Quizzical Pictures


The synopsis you have provided tells an interesting and complex story starring Chili Ngcobo, an undercover police officer, and his partner Shoes. The narrative is full of twists and turns and moral dilemmas that add depth to the characters and their decisions.

Chili’s undercover operation takes a dangerous turn when he is caught by a gang. However, he manages to escape and seeks help from his lover, Shoes. An important detail is that Shoes’ gun is under repair, leaving them with limited resources. Despite the choice to be reinforced, Chili refuses, driven by the desire to claim a large reward for capturing the gang leader.

Working closely with Shoes, Chili takes on the entire group, showing incredible tactical skill, despite only having two shots. They manage to stop the gang leader, but their victory comes at a price. Captain Stone, the head of the authorities, imposes one condition: they must release the alleged rapist who is connected to politics in order to receive the reward. This problem tests the principles of the partners, causing a clash of values between Chili and Shoes.

The story takes a surprising turn when Chili again asks for Shoes’ help. They have been investigating a crime boss named Mambane for years, and he is planning a major heist. At first, Shoes thinks that Chili is interested in infiltrating the gang, but he realizes that Chili has a different plan in mind. Chili suggests including Shoes in the robbery, with the intention of catching the gang members later. This proposal presents Shoes with a difficult decision, as they must weigh the moral and ethical implications against the potential benefits of the operation.

The narrative appears to be a guided exploration of criminal behavior, morality, and the complex dynamics between partners in law enforcement. The plot twists and moral struggles of the characters add depth to the story, making it an interesting and imaginative narrative.

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