Azam Sport Federation Cup Final ASFC Fixture 2023

Ratiba ya Azam Sport Federation Cup Final ASFC Fixture 2023: For detailed information about the Azam Sport Federation Cup (ASFC) Final, you can find it only on our and TFF page. ASFC is a football tournament held in Tanzania under TFF sponsored by Azam Media Group Ltd. The ASFC final usually involves two teams competing for the championship title.

The final match is the pinnacle of the tournament and showcases the best teams in Tanzanian football that have met after the knockout round which included many teams from various regions and national leagues. The two teams that qualified for the semifinals have the opportunity to play in the final stage where the champion of the final will have the opportunity to participate in the CAF championship.

Match Preview between Azam FC vs Yanga SC ASFC 2022/23 Final

In the current state of the final teams, it is noticeable that it will be a difficult and competitive match at that time, as fierce competition is expected for some players who want to write a new history in this championship.

On Azam FC’s side, they need to take this championship because it is the only title they have in hand this season, and this is due to the great effort they put in this season in all competitions. Despite knowing that next season they will have a chance to participate in the CAF league in the Confederations Cup, but the Azam FC team is ready to win the cup.

Yanga SC themselves need to achieve their goals of winning all the titles they are competing for this season, so they know what this final means to their history and goals. That makes this final match more difficult.

Azam Sport Federation Cup Final ASFC Fixture 2023

Final calendar = 12-5- 2023
Final Stadium = Mkwakwani Stadium Tanga
Match time = 15:30
Machday = Azam FC vs. Yanga SC (Young Africans SC)

Format of the Final of ASFC 2022/2023

The system of this final will be international, that is, the FIFA system where the winner will be determined by the number of goals and there will be extra minutes if there is a winner after 90 minutes. If there is still a winner for 120 minutes, penalty kicks will not decide the winner of the final.

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