Azam TV Decoder Price in Kenya

Azam TV Decoder Price in Kenya, Azam TV Packages And Prices in Kenya 2023, Azam TV, a leading digital satellite service provider, was founded in 2013 with a single-minded mission: to bring high-quality family entertainment within the reach of every home at affordable prices.

Azam TV, which operates from its headquarters in Dar Es Salaam, has increased its presence in six African countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi.

With a deep commitment to improving the television experience, Azam TV offers a variety of carefully designed packages, each one keeping in mind preferences and budget considerations. Here is a complete overview of packages and their prices in Kenya by 2023.

Azam TV Decoder Price in Kenya

Here are the pricing details for Azam TV’s decoder, dish, and installation, along with the additional benefits provided:

  • Azam Decoder Price: Ksh 3,800
    • The Azam decoder is available for purchase at Ksh 3,800. This device serves as the gateway to accessing Azam TV’s diverse range of entertainment packages.
  • Azam Dish Price: Ksh 1,700
    • The Azam dish, priced at Ksh 1,700, is an integral component of the satellite television setup. It ensures high-quality reception of the broadcasted content, providing viewers with a seamless viewing experience.
  • Azam Full Installation: Ksh 5,500
    • Azam offers a comprehensive installation package priced at Ksh 5,500. This package includes the installation of both the decoder and the dish, ensuring that customers are set up to enjoy their selected entertainment packages without hassle.
  • One-Month Free Subscription: Worth Ksh 1,200
    • Upon opting for the Azam full installation package, customers are rewarded with a one-month free subscription valued at Ksh 1,200. This bonus period grants viewers access to Azam TV’s content offerings without incurring any additional charges, thereby providing an opportunity to explore the diverse channels and programming available.

How To Pay For Azam TV In Kenya

1. Go to your Menu
2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
3. Select PayBill
4. Enter 827190 as the business number
5. Enter your account number e.g KE12101020
6. Enter the amount
7. Enter your Mpesa pin and press OK
8. You will receive transaction confirmation messages

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