Back of the Moon (2019) Full Movie Watch & Download

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Back of the Moon (2019) Full Movie Watch & Download: The setting in which this story takes place, July 28, 1958, introduces us to a fascinating and turbulent world. As one of the most intelligent and leading men, Badman leads the most influential gang in the lively Sophiatown district on the outskirts of Johannesburg. This cosmopolitan street is on the verge of demolition and change.

On this important evening, the talented singer Eve Msomi, who has the potential to work internationally, is preparing to give her last performance at her home theater before starting her journey to London. Tomorrow, the authorities will forcibly evict the residents of Gerty Street and relocate them to a deserted neighborhood ten miles from the city. The harsh reality of this separation and displacement is something that Badman is determined to resist with every fiber of his being.

Taglines: On the last day of his life a gangster finds something worth living for
Genre: Drama
Parents guide: Add content advisory

However, fate has other plans for Badman, as he brings Eve Msomi, a woman he admires from afar, into his life. Their meeting on this eventful night paves the way for a beautiful but dangerous journey. When Badman’s own gang, known as The Vipers, begins to sense his danger, his loyalty is tested. The night becomes a pivotal point of evolution for all involved, where love, struggle, and the forces of fate interact to shape their destinies in a time of great upheaval and change.

Back of the Moon (2019) Full Movie Watch & Download

Back of the Moon (2019) Full Movie Watch & Download


Release date: September 6, 2019 (South Africa)
Country of origin: South Africa
Official site: Official site
Languages: Zulu, English
Production companies: Bomb FilmThe Bomb Shelter
Director: Angus Gibson
Writers: Libby Dougherty, Angus Gibson
Stars: Richard Lukunku, Moneoa Moshesh, Lemogang Tsipa

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