Banyana Banyana Lineup against Costa Rica Women’s Football Team

Banyana Banyana Lineup against Costa Rica Women’s Football Team – South Africa Women’s National Football team vs Costa Rica Women’s National Football team Lineups 15 July 2023 Friendly match.

Banyana, ranked 54th in the world, will be playing their final World Cup warm-up friendly against Costa Rica, who are also considered contenders in the tournament. The match will take place at the Nga Puna Wai Sports Complex tomorrow at 4:00 am.

In the World Cup, Banyana has been drawn into Group G, alongside strong teams like Sweden (ranked 3rd), Italy (ranked 16th), and Argentina (ranked 28th). Their first match will be against Sweden, who are considered the favorites in the group. This will be followed by matches against Italy and Argentina.

A victory against Costa Rica in the warm-up match will provide a boost to Banyana’s confidence before their challenging game against Sweden. However, the coach, Ellis, has expressed that he is looking for more than just a win. This suggests that he wants to see a strong performance from the team, focusing on aspects beyond the final result.

Banyana Banyana Lineup against Costa Rica Women’s Football Team

It will be interesting to see how Banyana performs in their warm-up match and how they will fare in the upcoming World Cup against tough opposition.

Banyana is making their second appearance at the World Cup, following their debut in France four years ago. This is an exciting milestone for the team, as it signifies their growth and progress in international women’s football.

Banyana Banyana Lineup against Costa Rica Women's Football Team

South Africa (W) XI:

  • Swart
  • Gamede
  • Mbane
  • Magama
  • Holweni
  • Biyana
  • Jane ©
  • Motlhalo
  • Magaia
  • Seoposenwe
  • Kgatlana

Subs: Dlamini, Moletsane, Kgoale, Salgado, Cesane, Matlou, Kgadiete, Makhubela, Moodaly, Shongwe.

Costa Rica (W) XI: Génesis Pérez, Valeria del Campo, Guillén, Villalobos, Carol Sánchez, Melissa Herrera, Gloriana Villalobos, Emilie Valenciano, María Paula Salas, Catalina Estrada, Katherine Alvarado

Participating in a World Cup tournament provides valuable experience and exposure for the players, allowing them to showcase their skills on a global stage.

The previous World Cup experience in France would have undoubtedly provided Banyana with valuable lessons and insights into the demands and challenges of such a prestigious competition. Building upon this experience, the team will be eager to make their mark in the current tournament and show their continued development as a competitive force in women’s football.

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