Best Breakfast in Burbank

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A visit to Hollywood is not complete without venturing into the charm of its neighbor, Burbank. This city also offers its own unique brand of glitz and glamour, inviting you to discover its hidden treasures.

Start your adventure by delighting your palate with a delicious variety of dishes that promise to enhance your discovery. Whether you’re a foodie or simply seeking culinary delights, Burbank offers an incredible epicurean experience that kicks off a memorable journey.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share this astronomical event with your friends and family. Introduce them while enjoying the diversity of dishes and flavors Burbank has to offer. From delicious local restaurants to sophisticated dining experiences, Burbank’s culinary scene is ready to tempt and satisfy every palate.

Best Breakfast in Burbank

So, gather your loved ones, soak up the glitz, and sample the flavors of Burbank for the perfect escape and experience Hollywood. Your epicurean journey awaits you!

1. Porto’s Bakery and Cafe

Porto’s Bakery and Café has been a favorite bakery in Southern California since 1960. Treat yourself to a Dulce de Leche cake and an oatmeal raisin cookie for a sweet treat.

If you like tasty sweets, you must try the baked ham sandwich and the cheese omelet. Pair your meal with hot chocolate for a perfect morning.

2. Toast Bakery Cafe

Best Breakfast in Burbank

3. Red Maple Café

Red Maple Café is one of the breakfast restaurants near Warner Bros. Studios. Consider visiting this restaurant for one of the best lunch spots in Burbank.

He was famous for making lattes with the faces of Hollywood celebrities. Be sure to pair them with their impressive food selection for more complete fare.

Order the breast and egg burrito to taste one of the restaurant’s best-selling items. Just add lemon velvet fried chicken bread for another classic version. Take this opportunity to try their celebrelatte and see the face of your favorite artist in your drink!

4. Olive’s Bistro

At Olive’s Bistro, you can see a wide menu of dishes including unique dishes. Their dishes are also attractively presented to make everything seem more special. You can also enjoy a delicious dinner as it runs throughout the day.

5. Joan’s on Third

6. Priscilla’s Coffee Tea & Gifts

Priscilla’s serves as one of the finest restaurants with gourmet offerings in the Burbank area. Locals love to hang out here to try the amazing coffee and tea offerings of the place. There are also light snacks available so you can grab a bite to eat too.

Some of the cakes you can order are bagels, muffins and buns. Grab a cup of vanilla blueberry iced coffee for a special drink you’ll appreciate.

7. The Griddle Cafe

8. Hill Street Café

Opened in 2004, Hill Street Café gained popularity as a full-service restaurant with traditional fare. Hill Street Café is ranked as one of the best breakfast spots in Burbank.

It offers homemade dishes that you will enjoy better with the whole family. Here you can expect high quality food and service that sets it apart from the rest.

9. The Terrace

10. Foxy’s Restaurant

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