Best Pizza Spots in Salt Lake City 2023

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Cowabunga, indeed! Pizza has a magical way of bringing people together, and in an effort to promote international harmony, we’ve embarked on a quest to discover the best pizza in Salt Lake City. Now, compiling this list was no walk in the park. Unlike cities with different pizza styles like New York or Chicago (if you count them as pizza), Salt Lake City has a pizza scene as diverse as its population.

Our criteria? We explore the nuances of sauce, cheese, crust, texture and, of course, that elusive quality known as “mouthfeel.” After careful consideration, here’s our roundup of popular pizzerias in Salt Lake City, each of which is a slice of perfection in its own right. Because let’s face it, if someone doesn’t agree with pizza, you might want to reconsider meeting them. Join us on this delicious journey through Salt Lake City pizza heaven!

Best Pizza Spots in Salt Lake City 2023


Litza’s Pizza is on this list of the best pizzas in Salt Lake City because Litza’s Pizza is as much about Utah as funeral potatoes, the best Winter Olympics ever, and laws against excessive alcohol consumption. This place has been here long before my memories are visible and so it has had its turn. Pay your respects.


Some pizzas are better because the Italian lady served you the sauce all morning. Some pizzas are so good because the cheese is so good it’s easy to forget you’re lactose intolerant. But some pizzas are better because they’re always there for you. That’s the Pie Pit. The Pie Hole is a pizza-by-the-slice pizzeria that’s open late and serves cold PBR.


If you want quality thin crust pizza with a great view of Salt Lake City, Stoneground Kitchen is the place to be. Stoneground has a rooftop patio with great views, perfect for dining with friends on a summer night.


Wood and direct FIRE. From the Beginning, near Gallivan Center in downtown SLC, serves the best artisanal pizza the city has to offer. This gooey, gooey treat is almost perfect. If you’re not a bark lover, From Scratch will make you one. The barbecue pizza includes their house-made barbecue sauce, shredded chicken, house-made mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, red onion and topped with cilantro.


Mozz Pizza finally added a location in the north and we are very excited to grab a slice on the right side of the mountain. Located in the new Woodbine food court in the Granary District, Mozz offers a variety of classic pies from a wood-fired oven.

Best Pizza Spots in Salt Lake City 2023


This New Yorker-approved pizzeria serves up Bronx flavors like Joe DiMaggio and baseball. It’s lovely. We tried the Bronx Bomber Meat Lovers Delight with sauce, mozzarella, homemade meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, onions and peppers. We can tell you for sure that we will be back for the pepperoni slice again and again.


The pizza scene in Salt Lake City is interesting and diverse, but restaurants that specialize in the region’s specific styles of pizza can be few and far between. When Bricks Corner opened its doors serving Detroit-style pizza, we were instantly hooked (after a quick Google search of “what is Detroit-style pizza?”). We apologize to our friends at Michigan Mitten for our ignorance, because Detroit-style pizza is a revelation.


La Pie Pizzeria is a Salt Lake institution. Any University of Utah student worth the ink of his degree and accumulated debt has descended the stairs to The Pie Underground, painted something dirty on the wall, and reveled in his glory. Almost hidden from the road and just a few steps away is the THICCest cheese pizza in the Salt Lake Valley.

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