CAF Champions League 2023/24 Teams, Fixtures and Draw

CAF Champions League 2023/24 Teams, Fixtures and Draw – The 2023-24 CAF Champions League, officially known as the 2023-24 TotalEnergies CAF Champions League due to sponsorship reasons, will mark the 60th edition of Africa’s top club football competition.

The tournament is organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and will be the 28th edition held under the current title of CAF Champions League.

As one of the most prestigious club competitions in Africa, the CAF Champions League attracts top teams from across the continent, all vying for the coveted title. The tournament features a series of knockout rounds, beginning with the preliminary stage and leading up to the final match.

Throughout the competition, clubs from various African nations compete in home and away fixtures, showcasing their skills and determination to advance to the next stage. The matches are played over several months, with the final usually taking place towards the end of the tournament.

CAF Champions League 2023/24 Teams, Fixtures and Draw

The winner of the 2023-24 TotalEnergies CAF Champions League will earn the title of African club champion and will have the opportunity to represent Africa in the FIFA Club World Cup, competing against the champions from other continental confederations.

CAF Champions League Fixtures 2023/24 Draw

Schedule for 2023–24 CAF Champions League
Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Group stage Matchday 1 November 2023 1–2 December 2023
Matchday 2 8–9 December 2023
Matchday 3 19 December 2023
Matchday 4 9–10 February 2024
Matchday 5 16–17 February 2024
Matchday 6 27 February 2024
Knockout stage Quarter-finals March 2024 15–16 March 2024 29–30 March 2024
Semi-finals 12–13 April 2024 19–20 April 2024
Final 5 May 2024 12 May 2024

The champions of the 2023-24 CAF Champions League will enjoy certain benefits and opportunities as a result of their victory. Firstly, they will automatically qualify for the following edition of the tournament, namely the 2024-25 CAF Champions League. This means that they will have the chance to defend their title against other top clubs from across Africa.

In addition to securing a spot in the subsequent CAF Champions League, the winners will also earn the privilege of competing in the 2024 CAF Super Cup. The CAF Super Cup is an annual match that pits the champions of the CAF Champions League against the winners of the CAF Confederation Cup. It serves as a showcase event, determining the continental champion between the two prestigious club competitions.

The 2023-24 CAF Champions League winners will face off against the champions of the 2023-24 CAF Confederation Cup in the 2024 CAF Super Cup. This matchup adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation, as it brings together the best clubs from both tournaments to determine the ultimate African club champion.

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