Canadian Premier League Player Salaries 2023

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Canadian Premier League Player Salaries 2023: Andreas Vaikla is the highest paid player in the Canadian Premier League. By the time he was 25, he was playing for FC Edmonton as a goalkeeper, earning £130,000 a year and £2,500 a week.

Jean-Aniel Assi, who played for Cavalry FC, is the second highest paid player in the CPL. Assi, 17, is paid £2,100 a week and £109,200 a year.

The third highest paid player in the Canadian Premier League is Karifa Yao. Karifa is from Canada and played for Cavalry FC as a defender. Yao earns £2,000 a week and earns £104,000 a year.

Canadian Premier League Player Salaries 2023

Name Team Yearly Wage Salary Positions
Andreas Vaikla FC Edmonton £130,000 £2,500 GK
Jean-Aniel Assi Cavalry FC £109,200 £2,100 AM RL
Karifa Yao Cavalry FC £104,000 £2,000 DC
Luke Singh FC Edmonton £104,000 £2,000 DC
Sean Rea Valour FC £83,200 £1,600 AM C
Billy Forbes Valour FC £78,000 £1,500 AM RL
Jonathan Sirois Valour FC £57,200 £1,100 GK
Daniel Ascanio Valour FC £52,520 £1,010 AM R
Kamron Habibullah Pacific FC £52,000 £1,000 AM LC
Ballou Tabla Atlético Ottawa £47,320 £910 AM RL
Abdou Sissoko Atlético Ottawa £37,960 £730 DM, M LC
Charlie Trafford Cavalry FC £36,400 £700 DM
Kyle Bekker Forge FC £34,320 £660 AM C
Carl Haworth Atlético Ottawa £33,800 £650 D/WB/AM R
Michael Petrasso York United FC £32,760 £630 D/WB/AM R
Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé HFX Wanderers FC £32,240 £620 D L, DM
Aboubacar Sissoko Forge FC £31,720 £610 DM
Ashtone Morgan Forge FC £31,720 £610 D L
Andrew Jean-Baptiste Valour FC £31,720 £610 D C
Marco Bustos Pacific FC £31,720 £610 AM RLC
Akeem Garcia HFX Wanderers FC £31,720 £610 AM RLC, F C
Jordan Hamilton Forge FC £31,200 £600 ST
Aidan Daniels HFX Wanderers FC £31,200 £600 M LC
Lisandro Cabrera York United FC £31,200 £600 ST
Sergio Camus Atlético Ottawa £31,200 £600 D RLC
Joe Mason Cavalry FC £31,200 £600 AM/F C
Maxim Tissot Atlético Ottawa £30,680 £590 D/WB/M L
Dominick Zator York United FC £30,160 £580 D RC
Emery Welshman Forge FC £29,640 £570 AM RL, ST
Marco Carducci Cavalry FC £29,640 £570 GK
Amer Didic Pacific FC £29,120 £560 D C
Alex Marshall HFX Wanderers FC £29,120 £560 AM RLC
Alessandro Riggi Valour FC £29,120 £560 AM LC
Alexander Achinioti-Jönsson Forge FC £29,120 £560 DM
Andre Rampersad HFX Wanderers FC £29,120 £560 M C
Ben McKendry Atlético Ottawa £28,600 £550 DM
Bradley Vliet Cavalry FC £28,600 £550 D/WB/AM L
Brett Levis Valour FC £28,600 £550 D/M L
Callum Irving Pacific FC £28,080 £540 GK
Chris Nanco Forge FC £28,080 £540 AM RL
David Choinière Forge FC £27,560 £530 AM LC
Daryl Fordyce Valour FC £27,560 £530 AM C
Drew Beckie Atlético Ottawa £27,560 £530 D RC, DM
Djenairo Daniels Pacific FC £27,560 £530 ST
Daan Klomp Cavalry FC £27,560 £530 D RC, DM
Diego Gutiérrez Valour FC £27,560 £530 D/WB/AM R
Daniel Krutzen Forge FC £27,560 £530 D C
Eriks Santos HFX Wanderers FC £27,040 £520 D LC
José Escalante Cavalry FC £27,040 £520 AM LC
João Morelli HFX Wanderers FC £27,040 £520 AM RC, F C

Highest-paid player in the Canadian Premier League (CPL) was Marco Bustos. Marco Bustos, a Canadian soccer player, played for Pacific FC in the CPL. He was known for his technical skills and attacking prowess.

Canadian Premier League Player Salaries 2023

However, it’s important to note that player salaries and contracts can change over time, and there may be updates or changes in the highest-paid player in the CPL since then. It’s recommended to check the latest information or news sources for the most up-to-date details on player salaries in the Canadian Premier League.

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