Copper Queens World Cup Fixtures 2023 Results

Copper Queens World Cup Fixtures 2023 Results, Dates and Where to Watch – As the world eagerly awaits the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Zambia Women’s National Team, popularly known as the Queens of Copper, has not changed in its preparations.

Recognizing the importance of international exposure and experience, the Football Federation of Zambia (FAZ) has taken steps to secure international friendly matches for the team. These friendly matches are important for the Copper Queens to hone their skills, build team cohesion and gain valuable match practice against bigger opponents.

FAZ has been actively involved with football associations around the world to organize these friendly matches. They understand that competing against top-level teams will provide valuable lessons and strengthen the team’s performance ahead of the World Cup.

Copper Queens World Cup Fixtures 2023 Results

By organizing these international friendly matches, FAZ aims to expose the Copper Queens to different styles, strategies and levels of play. This exposure will not only improve the tactical skills of the team, but will also boost their confidence as they test themselves against the top nations of soccer.

Copper Queens World Cup Fixtures 2023 Results

Additionally, these friendly matches will provide an opportunity for the Copper Queens to showcase their talents and skills to the global soccer community. It is the perfect platform for the team to showcase the progress they have made and the level of competition they bring to the Women’s World Cup.

30/06/23 FRW Switzerland 3 – 3 Copper Queens
07/07/23 FRW Germany 2 – 3 Zambia
22/07/23 FWW Copper Queens 10 : 00 Japan
26/07/23 FWW Spain 10 : 30 Copper Queens
31/07/23 FWW Costa Rica 10 : 00 Zambia

FAZ’s commitment to securing international friendlies demonstrates its commitment to the development of women’s football in Zambia. By providing the Queens of Copper team with high-quality opposition and significant playing time, FAZ ensures that the team is well-prepared and ready to make an impact on the international stage.

With the day of prayer leading up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 underway, the Copper Queens can be sure they have the support and opportunities to showcase their skills and represent Zambia with pride.

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