CV ya Che Malone Mchezaji Mpya wa Simba 2023 New Player

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CV ya Che Malone Mchezaji Mpya wa Simba 2023 New Player – Transfer rumors are speculative reports or discussions about the possible transfer of players between football clubs. These rumors often surface during transfer windows, which are special periods set aside for clubs to buy, sell or loan players.

Transfer rumors can come from a number of sources, including sports journalists, agents, club officials, or rumors on social media. They can spread quickly and attract the attention of fans and the media alike. However, it is important to note that transfer rumors are not always accurate and should be treated with some skepticism until confirmed by official sources.

These rumors may involve discussions of possible player transfers, such as a player being linked to a specific club, negotiations between clubs, or the possibility of a transfer occurring. It may also involve details such as transfer fees, contract terms or the player’s personal preferences.

CV ya Che Malone Mchezaji Mpya wa Simba 2023 New Player

Simba SC, the Tanzanian football club, has identified Che Fondoh Malone, the center back from Cotton Sports in Cameroon, as a potential addition to their defensive line for the upcoming 2023/24 season.

The management of Simba SC is taking steps to finalize the transfer by preparing a contract and other necessary documents, which will be sent to Malone for review before signing.

Malone, who currently plays for Cotton Sports in Cameroon, has been officially designated as Simba SC’s target for bolstering their defense. The club sees him as a valuable replacement for Mohammed Outtara, who suffered an unfortunate injury that led to the termination of his two-year contract.

CV ya Che Malone Mchezaji Mpya wa Simba 2023 New Player

Name: Che Fondoh Malone Junior
Date of birth: May 23, 1999
Age: 24
Height: 1,81 m
Citizenship: Cameroon
Position: Defender – Centre-Back
Foot: right
Player agent: Royal Soccer Scout
Current club: Simba SC
Joined: 8 July 2023

Che Malone Mchezaji Mpya wa Simba 2023


Club Domestic
Elite One Winner 2x 2022/2023, 2022
Super Cup Runner-up 1x 2022

The potential signing of Che Fondoh Malone indicates Simba SC’s determination to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season. By bringing in a talented center back from Cameroon, they aim to fortify their defensive capabilities and maintain their competitive edge in domestic and international competitions.

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