Flames to face Lesotho in COSAFA Cup Semi-final 14 July 2023

Flames to face Lesotho in COSAFA Cup Semi-final 14 July 2023 – Malawi National Football Team vs Lesotho National Football team. The Malawi National Team has done a great job by qualifying for the semi-finals of the Hollywoodbet COSAFA Cup. They secured their place in the semi-finals with a 2-0 win over Comoros, finishing top of Group B with a total of 9 points.

With this impressive performance, it is now confirmed that Malawi will meet the winner of Pool C in the semi-finals. The Group C winners have also shown incredible form, having won both of their group stage matches and are currently leading the group ahead of Mauritius, Angola and Mozambique.

To ensure qualification, Mauritius need to win their last match against Mozambique 5-0, while Lesotho lose their match. Although this situation looks challenging, there is still a chance for Mauritius to advance to the semi-finals.

The upcoming match between Malawi and the winner of Pool C promises to be an exciting and highly anticipated encounter. Both teams have shown their skill and determination throughout the tournament, and will be fighting for a place in the finals.

The Malawi national team, boosted by their good performance in the group stage, will aim to build on their momentum and continue their winning streak. They will be eager to showcase their skills and secure a place in the coveted COSAFA Cup final.

Flames to face Lesotho in COSAFA Cup Semi-final 14 July 2023

On the other hand, the team that emerges as the winner of Group C will bring its strength and goals in the semi-final match. Having put in impressive performances so far, they will be confident in their abilities and determined to face the challenge posed by Malawi.

Flames to face Lesotho in COSAFA Cup Semi-final 14 July 2023

Football fans and lovers are looking forward to this interesting match. The semi-final clash will undoubtedly provide an exciting spectacle as the teams battle it out on the field, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory and reaching the prestigious final of the COSAFA Cup.

The Malawi National Team and the yet-to-be winner of Pool C will certainly be in for a treat in this high-stakes semi-final clash. As the championship continues, the excitement and anticipation among fans will continue to build, making the Hollywoodbet COSAFA Cup a memorable competition for soccer fans across the region.

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