Highest Paid Player In Tanzania Premier League 2022

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Who are the Highest Paid Player In Tanzania Premier League 2022/2023?

The Tanzania Premier League ranks first among the top football leagues in East and Central Africa and also is ranked in the tenth position among the latest most competitive football leagues in Africa. The Tanzania Premier League is organized by the Tanzanian Football Federation and it is considered one of the best-organized leagues in East Africa.

The league is highly entertaining, competitive, and financially rewarding. Even the bottom team in the Tanzania Premier League is wealthier than the top ten teams in some East and Central Africa football leagues.

Highest Paid Player In Tanzania Premier League 2022

It is not exactly a secret that footballer salaries in Tanzania have recently improved a lot thanks to some huge investment that has been made into the game.

The footballers in Tanzania are now earning more money than they ever have before, and this has caused a lot of word class players from different corners of the world to be attracted to the Tanzanian football scene.

The presence of these players has resulted in a lot of improvement in the quality of play, which is why it is not surprising that the league has been doing so well lately.

But who are the highest-paid players in the Tanzania Premier League? With each club receiving hundreds of millions in television money, club sponsorship deals, and more, even average Tanzania Premier League footballers are extremely well-paid compared to many of their contemporaries in the region.

NOTE: The data shown here are based on rumors that have been going around during the transfer period, so no official statement has been made regarding how much salary each player makes. However, there are some sources that have revealed what the players are receiving in return for their services on the pitch. The figures shown here are based on these sources and the player’s market value as shown on transfermarkt.

The list of the highest paid player in Tanzania premier league is topped by Young Africans Sc Aziz Stephan K and Simba Sc Clatous Chama. The third place goes to another Young Africans talents and Simba Sc ex player Bernado Morisson.

Highest Paid Player In Tanzania Premier League 2022

So, here’s a look at the highest paid player in Tanzania premier league as at 2022/2023 season.

Sn Player Club Salary
1 Aziz Stephan K Young Africans 23Mil
2 Clatous Chama Simba SC 22Mil
3 Bernado Morisson Young Africans 20Mil
6 Moses Phiri Simba SC 18Mil
7 Aishi Manura Simba SC 17.2Mil
8 Khalid Aucho Young Africans 16Mil
9 Fiston Mayele Young Africans 16Mil
10 Augustin Okhra Simba SC 15Mil
11 Prince Dube Azam 14Mil
5 John Bocco Simba SC 12Mil
12 Mkude Jonas Simba SC 10M
13 Djigiu Diarra Young Africans 9Mil

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