How and Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Independiente del Valle

How and Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Independiente del Valle TV channel, live stream broadcast and Live Updates. Orlando Pirates is actively involved in their preparations for the upcoming season, and as part of their pre-season activities, they have scheduled a friendly match against the Ecuadorian team, Independiente del Valle.

The match will be played at the Estadio de Fútbol de Marbella in Malaga, Spain, on Saturday. With the season about to begin, the Buccaneers are leaving nothing behind in their quest for success. Pre-season provides them with a great opportunity to fine-tune their tactics, improve team cohesion, and assess the fitness and performance levels of their players.

Friendly matches like the one against Independiente del Valle are the perfect testing ground for the team. They allow the coaching staff to experiment with different systems, strategies and player combinations. It is an opportunity for the players to get used to different game situations and develop chemistry on the pitch.

The Marbella Soccer Center, known for its excellent facilities, offers the perfect setting for the pirates to focus on their preparations. The training sessions prior to the friendly match will be intense, with the coaches working closely with the players to improve their skills, improve their physical condition and instill the team’s philosophy of play.

How and Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Independiente del Valle

The match against Independiente del Valle is eagerly awaited as both teams use it as an opportunity to assess their progress ahead of the upcoming season. The coaching staff will closely analyze the performance of the players, taking into account their decisions, their technical ability and understanding of the team’s tactics.

How and Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Independiente del Valle

  • The game kicks off at 18:00 (SAST) and can be streamed live on Orlando Pirates Football Club’s YouTube channel, Pirates TV.



For the Buccaneers, this friendly game is an important part of their overall preparation. It allows them to test their readiness for the upcoming challenges in this season. The coaches will closely monitor the fitness levels of the players and ensure they are in top shape for the tough games ahead.

Player to watch

  • Michael Hoyos (ST)
  • Moises Ramirez and Kleber Pinargote (GK)
  • Mateo Carabajal and Agustin (DF)

By participating in a friendly match against Independiente del Valle, the Orlando Pirates aims to gain valuable insight, identify areas for improvement, and adjust their game plan. The team is determined to enter the upcoming season with confidence, unity and a solid foundation to compete at the highest level.

As anticipation builds, fans are looking forward to the start of the season, hoping that the hard work and pre-season preparation will lead to success on the field. The friendly against Independiente del Valle serves as an exciting preview of what the Orlando Pirates have in store for next season.

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