How to Get My Matric Certificate

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The process of obtaining your registration certificate usually takes four to six weeks to be prepared and available for collection. It is important to note that following the publication of your results, you will receive a Result Notification.

This information serves as an initial confirmation of your performance. As the next steps are taken to complete your official Form Four Leaving Certificate, the Statement of Results gives you timely recognition of your achievements.

Do My Matric At Home?

You have the option to do your registration studies from the comfort of your home. This means completing all your studies remotely, without the need to submit homework. It is important to note that although your study activities will take place at home, the actual Matric exams must be conducted in person at your assigned testing location. This place will be conveniently close to your residence. In principle, although the learning component can be done from home, the exams themselves will need to be taken at the chosen exam centre.

If you took the Matric exam at school, you can get your Matric certificate directly from your high school or from a special exam center designated for this purpose. For those who have taken the Adult Matriculation examination, your Matricity certificate can be obtained from the designated Test Center for Adult Matriculation candidates.

Subjects you Need To Pass Matric

The number of subjects required to pass the Matric depends on whether you are doing the school Matric or the Matric for adults:

For school registration:
You will be examined in a total of seven (7) subjects. Among them, it is important to pass at least six (6) subjects, including Language at home.

For adult registration:
The Adult Matric Program involves writing six (6) subjects. Of these, you must pass at least five (5) subjects, which must include your native language subject.

In both Matric and adult school contexts, you are likely to fail a subject (except the mother tongue subject) and still get a Matric certificate. However, it is important to get at least 40% in Home Language subject, as it is the only subject that cannot be failed.

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