JCE Results 2023 PDF Download Botswana

JCE Results 2023 PDF Download Botswana: Botswana JCE 2023 Results – BEC: The Junior Certificate Examination (JCE) is a standardized assessment intended to provide information on candidates’ performance after three years of lower secondary education, the results of which are used mainly for selection into upper secondary education, vocational and technical education. too. like the world of work.

The assessment of the batch of 2023 was conducted on seventeen (17) syllabuses through eleven (11) multiple-choice items, twenty-seven (27) open-ended items, three (3) practical exams and five (5) items. of the course.

The batch of 2022 included candidates from public schools, private schools and individuals who registered with BEC. The administrative report is intended to provide background on the environment in which the 2023 examinations were conducted. Overall, the administration went well although there were a few incidents that were recorded.

In this cycle, 261 Centers registered candidates compared to 248 in 2021. Out of the 261 centers, 209 were government schools, 16 were private school centers, 17 were BOU while 19 were private BEC.

Botswana JCE 2023 Results – BEC

The number of centers increased due to the new private BEC centers as well as BOU centers that were created following the separation of examination areas between the two institutions to allow independent registration of candidates and administration of examinations. There were also three (3) newly registered centers of which two (2) were able to register candidates and administer examinations for the first time.

The Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) facilitates online access to JCE results through its official website, www.bec.co.bw. To check the results online, follow these steps:

Botswana JCE 2023 Results - BEC

  1. Open your web browser and visit the BEC website, www.bec.co.bw.
  2. Navigate to the “Results” tab on the website’s navigation bar.
  3. In the “Examination” drop-down menu, select “JCE” as the examination type.
  4. Enter the year as “2023” in the designated text box.
  5. Provide your school’s Centre Number in the corresponding text box. The Centre Number should be 6 characters long and begin with the letters “JC.”
  6. Enter your Candidate Number in the designated text box. The system accepts candidate numbers with or without leading zeros.
  7. Type your surname in the “Surname” text box. The surname is not case-sensitive.
  8. Click the “Show Results” button.
  9. The displayed results will include the Exam cycle, Year, Centre Number, Subjects, and Overall Grade.

PDF Download

JCE Results Via SMS

Another convenient method to access JCE results is through SMS. To receive your JCE results via SMS, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your messaging app and compose a new message.
  2. Type the following information in the message: JCE [space] CentreNumber [space] CandidateNumber [space] CandidateSurname.
  3. Replace the placeholders with your actual details. Ensure there is a space between each element.
  4. Send the correctly formatted message to 16688.
  5. Wait for a response, which may take a few minutes due to network congestion.
  6. The response will contain your JCE results.

Please note that the Station Number must be 6 characters long, starting with the letter “JC.” Candidate Number should have 4 numeric characters. The last name is not case sensitive.

To get results via SMS, please do the following:

A. Send an sms with your: level, center number, candidate number, candidate surname

B. Include a space between the word “JCE” and your Centre Number; a space between the Centre Number and Candidate Number and also add a space between the Candidate Number and Candidate Surname.

C. The Center Number must be 6 characters long and the Student Number must be 4 numeric characters long. The surname is not case sensitive.

For example:

If your Centre Number is 0002 and your Student Number is 1 type:

JCE JC0002 0001 Surname

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