Kikosi cha Azam FC vs Espérance Tunis Leo 19/7/2023

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Kikosi cha Azam FC vs Espérance Tunis Leo 19/7/2023 Friendly Match – The Azam FC team is looking forward to their second friendly game as part of the preparations for the upcoming 2023/24 season. Today, Wednesday, they will face the Tunisian team, Esperance, at 13:30 East African time. The specific stadium in Tunis, where the match will take place, will be announced soon.

After a series of intense training sessions and their first friendly match, Azam FC wants to continue to sharpen their skills, tactics and team chemistry. Friendly matches provide important opportunities for players to improve their fitness, adapt to different playing styles, and test themselves against stronger opponents.

Meeting Esperance promises to be a tough test for Azam FC, as the Tunisian team is renowned for its quality and success in domestic and continental competitions. The coaches, led by their head coach Youssou Dabo, have been working seriously on various aspects of the team’s performance during this period of preparation for the new season.

They have focused on improving the strength of the defense, enhancing the attacking ability, and improving the balance of the team as a whole. These friendlies serve as an important platform for coaches to assess the progress of individual players, assess different tactical approaches and make any necessary adjustments before the start of the official season.

Facing Esperance in Tunisia adds an extra layer of excitement to the match. The Tunisian team has a great football history and fan base. Playing in an unfamiliar environment and against a team of the level of Esperance provides a unique opportunity for Azam FC to test their abilities and test their readiness to face the challenges they face.

Kikosi cha Azam FC vs Espérance Tunis Leo 19/7/2023 | LINE-UP

The players are well aware of the importance of this friendly match and the importance of keeping a good standard. They will seek to use the strategies and tactics devised by their coaches, using their individual skills and teamwork to compete against a top class opponent. The match will also enable the players to strengthen themselves more in their roles within the team and strengthen their understanding of the type of team play.

Kikosi cha Azam FC vs Espérance Tunis Leo 19/7/2023 | LINE-UP

Azam Starting Lineup

  • 28 FOBA
  • 14 SIDIBE
  • 27 NDOYE
  • 18 MANYAMA
  • 17 (c) BAJANA
  • 9 SOPU
  • 6 FEI TOTO
  • 19 SILAH

Sub: Ahamada, Idrisu, Sebo, Amoah, Msindo, Ndala, Lyanga, Nado, Mbombo, Tepsie, Bin, Zayd, Edinho, Dube

Azam FC fans are eagerly waiting for this match, understanding the value of these matches in preparing the team for the next season. The fans are looking forward to a strong and consistent performance from their favorite club, which will show the team’s ability and determination. They realize that success in friendlies can serve as a boost of confidence and momentum ahead of the official season.

While the countdown to the team continues, Azam FC and its fans continue to have hope for the team. They are awaiting the announcement of the stadium where this exciting friendly against Esperance will take place. It is an opportunity for Azam FC to gain valuable experience, learn from the challenges it faces and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a good start to the new season.

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