Kikosi cha Azam vs Singida Fountain Gate Leo 13/8/2023

Kikosi cha Azam vs Singida Fountain Gate Leo 13/8/2023 – 16H00 E.A.T Today at Mkwakwani Stadium, an exciting event is awaited with two matches of the Community Shield to take first place. One of those ambitious matches includes Azam FC facing Singida Fountain Gate FC in the process of winning the third championship of the 2023 championship.

The atmosphere in the stadium is expected to be electric as football fans gather to witness this clash between the giants. The stakes are high and expectations are high as these two formidable teams battle it out. The teams of Azam FC and Singida Fountain Gate FC are well prepared for the upcoming season, thus increasing the excitement in this match.

The road to victory will undoubtedly be challenging as all teams are well equipped and have honed their skills to perfection. This fight promises to be intense, with every minute on the pitch counting to decide the winner. Amidst the cheers of dedicated fans and the speed of the game, the team that emerges the most in 90 minutes will be announced as the third winner of the Community Shield 2023 competition.

Kikosi cha Azam vs Singida Fountain Gate Leo 13/8/2023


The energy and determination that each team will bring to this match will undoubtedly create a spectacle that will be remembered for seasons to come. With the referee’s whistle signaling the start of the good fight, the focus will be on Azam FC and Singida Fountain Gate FC fighting for supremacy, aiming to write their names in football history.

Azam FC Line-up:

  • Foba
  • Sidibe
  • Amoah
  • Sebo
  • Chilambo
  • Akaminko
  • Bajana
  • Fei Toto
  • Mbombo
  • Sillah
  • Sopu

Singida FG Line-up:

  • 22 KIJILI
  • 12 GADIEL (c)
  • 23 CARNO
  • 21 KAGOMA
  • 11 CHUKWU
  • 30 ABUYA
  • 17 KAZADI
  • 20 TCHEKAI

SUBS: Haule, Gyan, Wadada, Bright, Kadikilo, Makame, Kagere, Andabwile, Ulimwengu

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