Kikosi cha Coastal Union FC 2023/2024 Full Squad List

Kikosi cha Coastal Union FC 2023/2024 Full Squad List: Wachezaji wa Coastal Union 2023-24, Coastal Union New player squad detail. In the upcoming 2023-24 season of the NBC league, Coastal Union FC is gearing up to make a strong comeback. As the sole representatives for the Tanga region, the team is ready to showcase their dedication and improvements.

With their eyes set on success, Coastal Union FC has been diligently preparing and enhancing their squad. The management and players have been working hard to fine-tune their strategies and elevate their gameplay. The team is determined to regain their competitive edge within the Tanzanian league.

Kikosi cha Coastal Union FC 2023/2024 Full Squad List


1 Justine Ndikumana
46 Chuma Ramadhani


29 Jackson Shiga
33 Mirajy Abdallah
23 Khatibu Kombo
13 Abdallah Michael
12 Cosmas Lucas
54 Daud Mbweni
26 Omary Mbaruku
4 Omary Banda


27 Neno Sichela
21 Juma Mahadh
37 Semfuko Cherles
8 Lucas Kikoti
17 Greyson Gwalala
7 Haji Ugando


10 Ibrahim Ajibu
9 Maulid Maabad
19 Barak Suleiman

Head Coach:- Mwinyi Zahera

While they might not have secured top positions in the standings recently, Coastal Union FC remains undeterred. Their ultimate goal is to perform exceptionally well throughout the season and make a significant impact on the league. The players are focused on displaying their skills, teamwork, and commitment on the field.

As fans eagerly anticipate the start of the new season, Coastal Union FC is excited to bring their A-game and contribute positively to the reputation of the Tanga region. With renewed determination and improved strategies, the team is ready to embrace the challenges ahead and strive for success in the 2023-24 NBC league season.

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