Kikosi cha Dodoma Jiji FC 2023-2024 Full Squad List

Kikosi cha Dodoma Jiji FC 2023-2024 Full Squad List, Wachezaji wa Dodoma Jiji 2023-24, Dodoma Jiji Football Club New player squad detail.

Dodoma Jiji FC, a beloved team in the NBC league, proudly stands as the exclusive representatives of the Dodoma region. As the new season approaches, the team has diligently honed their skills and made significant enhancements to their roster.

With the 2023-24 season on the horizon, Dodoma Jiji FC is gearing up for a resurgence. The team’s management, coaches, and players have invested their efforts in thorough preparations, aiming to elevate their performance to new heights. Their collective commitment to improvement reflects their aspiration to regain their former prominence within the Tanzanian league.

Kikosi cha Dodoma Jiji FC 2023-2024 Full Squad List


28 Aron Kalambo
18 Daniel Mgore


44 Justine Omary
26 Augustino Nsata
27 Joram Nashon
21 Adeyun Salehe
14 Mwana Kibuta
50 Fadhil Masoud
3 Mtenje Albano


6 Salmin Hoza
12 Meshack Abraham
7 Zidane Ally
24 Rajab Seif
51 Paul Peter
8 Gustaph Saimon
29 Emmanuel Martin
40 Raizin Haji
13 Andason Solomon


12 Meshack Abraham
19 Abubakar Ngalema
17 Hassan Omary

Despite recent standings not reflecting their full potential, Dodoma Jiji FC remains steadfast in their determination. Their primary objective is to excel throughout the season, making their mark on the league. The players are dedicated to showcasing their teamwork, talent, and unwavering dedication on the field.

As anticipation builds among their loyal supporters, Dodoma Jiji FC is enthusiastic about showcasing their renewed vigor. With their eyes set on success, the team is prepared to face challenges head-on and work relentlessly to accomplish their goals in the 2023-24 NBC league season.

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