Kikosi cha Ihefu vs Geita Gold 6 June 2023

Matokeo na Kikosi cha Ihefu vs Geita Gold 6 June 2023: NBC league brings you an exciting and competitive game considering the conditions of both teams with equal weight in the rankings in the NBC Tanzania major league.

The game that brings together Ihefu and Geita Gold, both owned by investment companies, Ihefu located in Mbalali Mbeya is guaranteed by Mbogo Maji while Geita Gold is guaranteed by a mining company, in short, teams that are relatively independent in the economy meet.

Many questions this season for Geita Gold is their level that has dropped compared to last season to reach the top four of the league standings, some analysts see it as the downfall of the Geita Gold team and this is after making a big deal of players and not bringing in players with the same levels.

Kikosi cha Ihefu vs Geita Gold 6 June 2023

Kikosi cha Ihefu vs Geita Gold 6 June 2023

The situation is different for the Ihefu team itself as it has just been promoted in this 2022-23 season, despite struggling in the first round of the NBC league, they have been seen doing very well recently and put themselves in a good position to not be relegated next season.

This game is expected to be one of the most competitive matches today and this is after the registrations held in the second round for Ihefu and Geita Gold, so without any doubt we expect a good game at 10 o’clock today at Mbalali Estate.

My prediction about this game is correct as both teams can get good results and I have no complaints about this game. The game can be distinguished by minor errors of inquiry and midfielder for both teams.

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