Kikosi cha Kitayosce FC 2023/2024 Tabora United Squad List

Kikosi cha Kitayosce FC 2023/2024 Tabora United Squad List: Wachezaji wa Tabora United FC 2023-24 New Player NBC Premier League. Kitayosce FC is one of the teams that promoted in the 2022-23 season, immediately after the promotion they changed their name to Tabora United, where the team became dependent on the municipality of the Tabora region.

Aside from being a young team in the NBC Premier League season, I am among the most competitive teams since it came out of the top division league. For the quality of its squad made up of young and new players in the league.

Expectations are high despite the various experience challenges and legal procedures that are tight this 2023-24 season, but it is a team that comes loaded with very good players to fight for the team to achieve its goals.

Kikosi cha Kitayosce FC 2023/2024 Tabora United Squad List


1 John Noble
30 Ibrahim Isihaka


13 Shafih Maulid
15 Said Shaban
28 Kingu Pemba
2 Heritier Luginoshi
37 Abdallah Salum
26 Moses Nasoro
4 Komantu Sandale’
3 Bikoko Andy


14 Kusindu Paulin
21 Mbombo Jackson
8 Najim Ibrahim
33 Banza Karumba
25 Daudi Rashidi
17 John Ben


7 Daniel William
19 Athuman Abass
10 Lambele Jerome
29 Erick Okutu

Tabora’s Kitayosce Club, which was promoted to the NBC Tanzania Mainland Premier League, has been sanctioned by the International Football Federation (FIFA) for failing to pay Egyptian manager Ahmed El Faramawy Yousef Mustafa Soliman.

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