Kikosi cha Namungo 2023-24 Full Squad List

Kikosi cha Namungo 2023-24 Full Squad List: Wachezaji wa Namungo FC 2023-24 New Player – Namungo’s team has emerged as one of the worst teams in the NBC Tanzania league, continuing to show the best level for several seasons.

Their rise began when they were promoted three seasons ago and since then they have proven their prowess by fielding a team that will include the best and most experienced players in the Tanzanian Premier League.

In recent days, Namungo’s ambitions have expanded, especially in terms of scoring goals. This evolution is evident when comparing his current goalscoring ability with that of a few seasons ago. Their new goals are to find a place in the top four in the league standings. If they did, they would have the opportunity to participate in CAF international matches, a great achievement for any soccer club.

Kikosi cha Namungo 2023-24 Full Squad List


13 Jonathan Nahimana
– Lucas Ally Chembeja
30 Deo Munish


36 Hamisi Fakhi Mgunya
4 Frank John Magingi
18 Erasto Nyoni
– Noah Olawale Ojuola
29 Paterne Counou
10 Emmanuel Asante
6 Miza Christom Abdallah
7 Hashim Hamisi Manyanya
50 Emmanuel Charles

Kikosi cha Namungo 2023-24 Full Squad List


14 Ibrahimu Ali
10 Mohammed Juma
12 Hamisi Khalifa Swalehe
24 Abdulhalim Humoud
60 Frank Domayo
6 Christopher Oruchum
23 James Mwashinga
17 Hassan Kabunda
12 Jacob Masawe


– Kelvin Sabato
3 Shiza Kichuya
3 Pius Charles Buswita
– Alidor Kayembe
40 Reliants Lusajo

Despite his determination and dedication, Namungo faced a difficult situation last season. Their efforts were commendable, but they fell short of their goal, finishing the season in fifth place as the league came to a close.

Looking ahead, Namungo’s commitment to his goal of breaking into the top four remains strong. Their journey demonstrates their determination to rise among the elite clubs in the Tanzanian football scene and they will undoubtedly remain a team to watch as they strive for excellence in the seasons to come.

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