Kikosi cha Simba SC vs Dodoma Jiji Leo 20 August 2023

Kikosi cha Simba SC vs Dodoma Jiji Leo 20 August 2023: Lineup for Simba vs Dodoma Jiji today, SIMBA LINEUP VS DODOMA JIJI NBC. Today’s eagerly awaited game between Simba SC and Dodoma Urban in the Uhuru Dar es Salaam game promises to be an exciting encounter. After both teams got good results in the first week of the NBC league, soccer fans are in for a treat at 4 p.m. m.

Despite the clear intention of Simba SC to win the game when they are ahead by 3 goals, but the match is expected to be the last. The city of Dodoma has proven to be one of the most dangerous teams in the Tanzanian league, and the registration of new players this season may raise the level of competition in today’s match.

Unfortunately for Simba SC, they will have to get out of the game without the services of their central defender Inonga Baca and midfielder Aubin Kramo who are both injured. On the other hand, the City of Dodoma has reported that there are no injuries or missing players, which gives their coach flexibility in planning his team for this season.

Kikosi cha Simba SC vs Dodoma Jiji Leo 20 August 2023

Simba SC XI

  • Salim
  • Kapombe
  • Zimbwe Jr
  • Che Malone
  • Kennedy
  • Ngoma
  • Mzamiru
  • Chama
  • Onana
  • Saido
  • Baleke

Dodoma Jiji XI

  • 18 Mgore
  • 13 Solomon
  • 19 Ngalema
  • 44 Omary
  • 27 Mgeveke
  • 3 Albano
  • 14 Kibuta
  • 8 Saimon
  • 40 Hafidhi
  • 12 Abraham
  • 29 Martin

Fans can expect an exciting battle on the field as both teams strive to compete and get good results. With some key players missing from the line-up of Simba SC and that of Dodoma City strengthened, the dynamics of the match will certainly be interesting. Football fans will be watching to see how the game will be and which team will emerge victorious.

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