Kikosi cha Simba Vs Power Dynamos Leo 1/10/2023

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In the rematch between Simba SC and Power Dynamos to be played today at the Azam Complex stadium in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the league start time is 16:00 local time (EAT).

This match is of great importance as it will determine the completion of the training schedule for the group stage of the 2023-24 CAF Champions League. In the first game of the match, Simba SC managed to draw 2-2, with Chama JR leading the way.

In today’s match, Simba SC will look for a victory or even a 1-1 draw to secure qualification to the group stage of the tournament. There is a lot at stake and both teams will be eager to put in the effort in this important match as it will have a big impact on their path to the CAF Champions League. It promises to be an exciting match and very followed by football fans.

Kikosi cha Simba Vs Power Dynamos Leo 1/10/2023


🇲🇦 Lakred
🇹🇿 Kapombe
🇹🇿 Zimbwe Jr
🇨🇲 Che Malone
🇹🇿 Kennedy
🇨🇩 Ngoma
🇹🇿 Mzamiru
🇿🇲 Chama
🇹🇿 Kibu D
🇧🇮 Saido
🇨🇩 Baleke

SUBS: Ally Salim, Israel, Hussein Kazi, Kanoute, Onana, Bocco, Phiri, Chilunda

Power Dynamos Line-Up


Squad News

Simba SC is expected to face the challenge of losing several important players due to injuries. Among the injured are Aish Manula who is suffering from a thigh muscle, Enock Inonga who has soft tissue injuries and Aubin Kramo who is suffering from a knee injury.

These injuries will represent a big obstacle for the team when preparing for the next match, and Simba SC will need to change and make adjustments in the absence of these players.

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