Kikosi cha Yanga SC vs Singida Fountain Gate Leo 27 October 2023

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Today at 18:15 at the Benjamin Mkapa stadium, the NBC major league game between Yanga and Singida Foutain Gate/Singida Big Stars will be watched. This game is one of the most difficult games available in the NBC Tanzania league, where they will play after playing Dar Es Salaam against Azam on Monday.

In this game, every team comes in having just played their last game despite Yanga SC having the advantage of playing a tougher game at Singida Fountain Gate.

Since they decided to meet last season, Singida Foutain Gate has managed to get any result in front of Yanga when playing all home and away games, will this season be different? is a question that many football fans in Tanzania are waiting for.

Kikosi cha Yanga SC vs Singida Fountain Gate Leo 27 October 2023


  • Diarra
  • Yao
  • Mwamnyeto
  • Job
  • Lomalisa
  • Mauya
  • Konkoni
  • Maxi
  • Aziz KI
  • Mudathir
  • Pacome


  • Benedict
  • Kijili
  • Bernes
  • Mbegu
  • Makame
  • Kagoma
  • Andabwile
  • Tchakei
  • Bruno
  • Kyombo
  • Abuya

The most watched players for the Yanga team is Aziz KI who has just scored three goals in the game against Azam FC and has the best level. For Singida Big Stars, their striker Elvis Rupia is a dangerous player at the moment with a very good playing average and leading the attack well

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