Kundi la Tanzania Kufuzu Kombe la Dunia 2026 | World Cup

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Kundi la Tanzania Kufuzu Kombe la Dunia 2026 FIFA World Cup – On thursday (July 13), the draw for the qualification groups for the 2026 World Cup finals, which will be hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico, will take place. On the African side, there is a significant chance for the Taifa Stars to qualify if they approach the competition strategically.

If the Stars perform well and secure the top spot in their group, determined in the draw held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, they will directly qualify to represent Africa in the historic final. The 2026 World Cup will feature 48 participating teams, with Africa being allocated nine spots, one more than before.

However, if the Taifa Stars finish in second place in their group, they will have another opportunity. The four teams with the highest points in second place will participate in playoffs to compete for a playoff spot against a team from another continent. The pairing for this playoff spot will be determined through another draw.

The Taifa Stars’ success in qualifying for the World Cup relies on their performance in the group stage and the strategic decisions made by their leadership. If they can secure the top spot or perform well enough to be among the top second-placed teams, they will have a chance to continue their journey towards the World Cup.

Kundi la Tanzania Kufuzu Kombe la Dunia 2026

GROUP E Msimamo wa kundi 

1. Zambia 3 pts

2. Tanzania 3 pts

3. Morocco 0 pts

4. Niger 0 pts

5. Congo 0 pts

Kundi la Tanzania Kufuzu Kombe la Dunia 2026 | World Cup

When Does 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Start

The qualifying matches for the World Cup will begin with the first two matchdays scheduled to take place from November 13 to November 21. Subsequent matches will be held in the following year as part of the new format.

Under this format, the winners of each group will secure direct qualification for the World Cup finals. However, the top four runners-up from the groups will enter a playoff stage to determine which team will represent Africa in the inter-confederation playoff. This playoff will decide which African team will have the opportunity to compete against teams from other confederations for a place in the World Cup.

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