List of Azam Sport Federation Cup Winners

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List of Azam Sport Federation Cup Winners: Tanzania FA Cup, also known as the Azam Sports Federation Cup, is currently recognized as the premier knockout tournament in Tanzanian football. It is a competition where teams from various divisions and regions of Tanzania compete for the cup title. The tournament format follows a knockout system, where teams face off in single-elimination matches until a champion is crowned.

Prior to the establishment of the Tanzania FA Cup, the Nyerere Cup held the distinction as the top knockout tournament in Tanzania. The Nyerere Cup was introduced in 1974 and featured participation from teams representing both Tanzania mainland and the Isles of Zanzibar. It was named after Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania.

List of Azam Sport Federation Cup Winners

Year Team
2022-23 Young Africans
2021–22 Young Africans
2020–21 Simba SC
2019–20 Simba SC
2018–19 Azam FC
2017–18 Mtibwa Sugar FC
2016–17 Simba SC
2015–16 Young Africans

Before the change in the 2015 season, this cup was formerly known as the ‘Tanzania FA’ Nyerere Cup, which was established between the years of 1974 and 2002. I pause a moment before the cup is sponsored by Azam Media, which is managed by TFF .

List of Azam Sport Federation Cup Winners

Nyerere Cup Winner List

1974 : JKU FC
1975 : Young Africans FC
1976 : Rangers International
1977 : KMKM
1978 : Pan African FC
1979 : Pan African FC
1980 : Coastal Union
1981 : Pan African FC
1982 : KMKM
1983 : KMKM
1984 : Simba SC
1985 : Miembeni SC
1986 : Miembeni SC
1987 : Miembeni SC
1988 : Coastal Union
1989 : Pamba FC
1990 : Small Simba SC
1991 : Railways SC
1992 : Pamba FC
1993 : Malindi FC
1994 : Young Africans SC
1995 : Simba SC
1996 : Sigara SC
1997 : Tanzania Stars
1998 : Tanzania Stars
1999 : Young Africans SC
2000 : Simba SC
2001 : Polisi
2002 : JKT Ruvu Stars

The Nyerere Cup served as a platform for clubs from different regions of Tanzania to compete against each other and showcase their talents. However, with the introduction of the Tanzania FA Cup, the format and structure of the tournament changed, making it the premier knockout competition in Tanzanian football.

The Tanzania FA Cup, or the Azam Sports Federation Cup, has now become the primary tournament for teams across the country to demonstrate their skills, compete for the trophy, and earn recognition in Tanzanian football.

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