List ya Washindi wa Ngao ya Jamii Tangu 2001

List ya Washindi wa Ngao ya Jamii Tangu 2001 | List of Tanzania Community Shield Winners Since 2001 to present: The start of the Community Shield was held in 2001, established and organized by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF). This unique event serves as a landmark, marking the start of the domestic competition season within the Tanzanian football landscape.

Acting as an element of celebration and competition, the Community Shield is responsible for setting the tone for future football activities in the nation. It holds a special significance in the hearts of football fans, players and clubs alike, as it not only marks the return of competitive football, but also brings a sense of anticipation and excitement.

The essence of the Community Shield lies not only in its work to open the curtain on the season, but also in its ability to unite the football community. It serves as a platform for fans to reconnect with the sport they love, as well as an opportunity for clubs to showcase their preparations and skills after the new season.

List ya Washindi wa Ngao ya Jamii Tangu 2001

This annual event offers an interesting mix of competition and tradition. As teams compete for victory on the field, they do so against a backdrop of historical significance, fostering a connection between the present and the past.

List ya Washindi wa Ngao ya Jamii Tangu 2001

  • 2001 – Young African 2–1 Simba
  • 2002- Simba 4–1 Young African
  • 2003 – Simba 1–0 Mtibwa Sugar
  • 2009 – Mtibwa Sugar 1–0 Young African
  • 2010 – Young African 0–0 [3–1 pen] Simba
  • 2011 – Simba 0–0 Young African
  • 2012 – Simba 3–2 Azam
  • 2013 – Young African 1–0 Azam
  • 2014 – Young African 3–0 Azam
  • 2015 – Young African 0–0[8–7 pen] Azam
  • 2016 – Azam 2–2[4–1 pen] Young African
  • 2017 – Simba 0–0[5–4 pen] Young African
  • 2018 – Simba 2–1 Mtibwa Sugar
  • 2019 – Simba 4–2 Azam
  • 2020 – Simba 2–0 Namungo
  • 2021 – Young African 1–0 Simba
  • 2022 – Young African 2–1 Simba
  • 2023 – Young African 0–0[1–3 pen] Simba

In addition, the Community Shield has become an event for fans to come together to see their favorite teams in action once again, thus reigniting a new passion for the beautiful game.

In short, the establishment of the Community Shield in 2001 by the Tanzania Football Federation is a wonderful initiative. It not only serves as a symbol to highlight the domestic competition season, but also embodies the unity, spirit and collective passion that football brings to the Tanzanian sports scene

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