MAMA Awards 2023 Vote

MAMA Awards 2023 Vote, Nominees: The MAMA Award for Best New Male/Female Artist is indeed an award presented by CJ E&M Pictures (Mnet) at the annual MAMA Awards. Mnet is responsible for selecting the winners of this category, as well as other categories, during the MAMA event. Since its inception in 2008, the Best New Male/Female Artist category has featured nominations from both groups and soloists.

This award aims to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of up-and-coming male and female artists in the music industry. It provides a platform for new talents to showcase their skills and gain recognition for their contributions to the K-pop and wider Asian music scene.

Winning the Best New Male/Female Artist award at MAMA can significantly boost an artist’s career and increase their visibility in the industry. It serves as a testament to their talent, hard work, and the impact they have made with their debut or breakthrough performances.

MAMA Awards 2023 Vote

Mnet, as the organizer and broadcaster of the MAMA Awards, holds the responsibility of selecting the winners through a combination of expert opinions, industry influence, and the voting process. The winners are announced during the MAMA ceremony, which is a highly anticipated event among K-pop fans and industry professionals.

MAMA Awards 2023 Vote

MAMA Awards 2023 Nominees

Year Recipients Work Nominated artists
2020 Treasure “Boy” Nominees
Weeekly “Tag Me” Nominees
2021 Enhypen “Given-Taken” Nominees
Aespa “Black Mamba” Nominees
2022 Xdinary Heroes “Happy Death Day” Nominees
Ive “Eleven” Nominees

Overall, the MAMA Award for Best New Male/Female Artist is a prestigious accolade that recognizes emerging talent and celebrates their contributions to the music industry. It showcases the diversity and creativity of the Korean and Asian music scene while providing a platform for promising artists to shine.

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