Matokeo Azam FC vs US Monastir Leo 22/7/2023

Matokeo Azam FC vs US Monastir Leo 22/7/2023 – As the Azam team prepares to face US Monastir on July 22, 2023 in Tunisia, the bet to get the victory is high after a different start to this competitive season. Having won their first game against Al Hilal of Sudan 3-1, their confidence was high, but their enthusiasm suffered a blow when they suffered a heavy 3-0 defeat against Eperance Tunis in their second game.

The coach’s bench is now facing some challenges in maintaining the players’ morale and finding ways to improve their performance on the field. They have been analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the team, identifying the areas that need improvement, and planning strategies to deal with the technical abilities of the upcoming opponents.

One of the things that bothers the technical bench is the defense, as conceding three goals in the last game was a big setback. They work to strengthen the defense and ensure better communication and coordination between the defenders. They also aim to improve the midfield as it is an important area that directs the flow of the game.

Coaches urge players to maintain their physical form and mental toughness throughout the match. They understand that playing US Monastir will be a difficult task, as the opponents are known for their technical skills and tactical prowess.

Matokeo Azam FC vs US Monastir Leo 22/7/2023

In pre-match training, the team works on their attacking strategies, with the aim of being more clinical in front of goal and exploiting scoring opportunities. Attackers are encouraged to be more creative and unpredictable in their moves, making it difficult for opposition defenders to anticipate their actions.

🚨 M A T C H D A Y 🚨
Azam FC 🆚 US Monastir
🤝 International Friendly
📋 Pre Season Tunisia
🏟 Mustapha Ben Jannet
🕑 9.00 PM (E.A.T)

22/07/23 FT. Azam 2 – 1 US Monastir
  • FT” Azam 2-1 US Monastir
  • 80′ Still the leading is for Azam FC in 2-1 vs US Monastir
  • 59′ Azam FC 2-1 US Monastir
  • HT” Azam 2-1 US Monastir
  • 29′ Sillah Goal to Azam to make it 2-1 vs Monastir, Assist Fei TOTO
  • 20′ Monastir Equalize against Azam
  • 13′ Akaminko Goalfor Azam FC to lead the match
  • Kick-Off 21:00 Azam 0-0 Monastir

Matokeo Azam FC vs US Monastir Leo 22/7/2023


In addition, the technical bench also focuses on psychological preparation. They keep a positive attitude towards the players, reminding them of their past abilities and achievements. Building confidence in players is important to ensure that they play to their full potential during the game.

Kikosi cha Azam FC vs US Monastir Leo 22/7/2023

  • 28 FOBA
  • 14 SIDIBE
  • 18 MANYAMA
  • 17 BAJANA (c)
  • 9 SOPU
  • 6 FEI TOTO
  • 19 SILAH

SUB: Iddisu, Msindo, Sebo, Amoah, Ndala, Edinho, Lyanga, Nado, Kipre, Tepsie, Zayd, Mbombo

Despite the challenges, the team is determined to bounce back from their previous defeat and show their true potential on the field. They are talented and, with the guidance of the coaching staff, are committed to giving their best against America’s Monastir.

The game promises to be tight and close, with both teams vying for an important win in the tournament. Azam understands the importance of this match in making his place in the league table and wants to prove himself. As the clock ticks towards the start of the evening, the excitement and excitement is rife as fans eagerly wait to see how Azam will fare in the crucial match.

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