Matokeo Coastal Union vs Azam 6 June 2023

Matokeo Coastal Union vs Azam 6 June 2023: Results Azam dhidi ya Coastal Union Leo NBC Premier League, In the major league continuation, NBC is hosting a competitive match between Coastal Union and Azam today. This match looks like a tough match compared to what history says when these two teams meet on Sokoine Mbeya’s ground.

The quality of this game is in the league standings, forcing the Azam team to work harder this time, the Coastal Union team needs to finish well in the league standings even though they have already been crowned champions of the 2022/23 season.

The expectation of many soccer fans in Tanzania, especially fans of Coastal Union, is to see their team played in they home ground lastly before the season end so there expected to be many as possible to support they team. It probably had more viewers than the Mbeya games, as expected.

Matokeo Coastal Union vs Azam 6 June 2023 Live Updates


06/06/23 LKB Coastal Union 0 : 2 Azam
  • 90′ Prince Dube Goal to 2-0 for Azam FC
  • 58′ Idris Mbombo Goal to make it 1 for Azam FC

On the side of the Azam team, they need to win this game to establish their empire and their high hopes of staying in the top league. The position he is in is enough to say that he is safe, but not with a high percentage like Coastal Union.

Matokeo Coastal Union vs Azam 6 June 2023

Match Prediction between Coastal Union vs Azam FC NBC League

The prediction of this game will favor Azam FC for several reasons including the presence of good and experienced players in the league, the second is due to the expectation of finishing in third place, and the third is due to their final game so they will make this match as a measure of the final game considering ASFC final will be held in this stadium also in Tanga.

On the other hand, the match will be difficult for Coastal Union due to the strength of the team that the Azam team is proud of this season. It is very possible that Coastal Union will play this game with different players than those who played in the CAF final. Other than that, I think Coach Nabi will use a lot of players who have had a chance in the previous games considering the difficult tournament schedule he has this month.

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