Matokeo Kagera Sugar vs Geita Gold Leo 16/09/2023

Matokeo Kagera Sugar vs Geita Gold Leo 16/09/2023, NBC Premier League Kagera sugar dhidi ya Geita gold Results, live score updates, lineups and H2H. Geita Gold vs Kagera sugar leo, Matokeo ya Kagera Sugar dhidi ya Geita Gold kwenye ligi kuu.

Kagera Sugar appear to be looking for a new start after a very challenging start to the season, having lost their previous two league matches. Today’s game at home gives them the opportunity to turn things around and achieve a positive result.

Their opponents, Geita Gold, have been among the strongest teams in the NBC league, having collected four points from their first two matches. This shows that Geita Gold is a formidable opponent and will pose a serious challenge to Kagera Sugar.

Playing at home can often boost a team’s morale and confidence, and Kagera Sugar hopes to capitalize on this by hosting its first home game of the season.

Matokeo Kagera Sugar vs Geita Gold Leo 16/09/2023

FT.. Kagera Sugar 1 : 0  Geita Gold

  • FT’ Kagera Sugar FC 1-0 Geita Gold
  • 80′ | Kagera 0 – 0 Geita Gold
  • HT’ | KSF 0-0 GGF
  • Resume | 39′ goalless

The match to be played at the Kagera Sugar Stadium at 19:00 will be an important one for both teams, and fans will be very eager to see if Kagera Sugar will emerge victorious and claim the first victory of the season or if Geita Gold will win continuing his impressive form.

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