Matokeo Mbeya City vs KMC Leo 13/6/2023 PLAY-OFF

Matokeo Mbeya City vs KMC Leo 13/6/2023 PLAY-OFF: Mbeya City dhidi ya KMC kwenye mechi ya Play-offs (Mechi ya Mtoano). The atmosphere was electric as two teams, KMC FC and Mbeya City, battled it out in the play-off match for a spot in the prestigious Premier League. The stakes were high, and both teams were determined to secure victory.

The match kicked off with KMC FC dominating possession from the start. Their midfield maestro, Smith, controlled the game with his precise passing and vision. Mbeya City, however, relied on their solid defense to thwart United’s attacks and looked for counter-attacking opportunities.

As the first half progressed, both teams had their chances, but the goalkeepers were in top form, making crucial saves to keep the scoreline level. The tension grew with every passing minute, as the prospect of reaching the Premier League hung in the balance.

The breakthrough finally came in the 65th minute when KMC FC’s striker, Johnson, unleashed a thunderous shot from outside the box. The ball curled beautifully into the top corner, leaving the Mbeya City goalkeeper with no chance. The stadium erupted with joy as United took the lead.

Mbeya City responded immediately, pushing forward with renewed determination. Their striker, Anderson, showcased his agility and skill, creating havoc in the United defense. In the 80th minute, he capitalized on a defensive error and slotted the ball past the United goalkeeper, restoring parity.

Matokeo Mbeya City vs KMC Leo 13/6/2023 PLAY-OFF

The final ten minutes of the match were a nerve-wracking affair, with both teams pushing for a decisive goal. KMC FC launched a series of attacks, testing the Mbeya City defense, but their resolute backline held firm.

As the referee signaled the end of regular time, the score remained 1-1, leading the match into extra time. Fatigue was evident on the faces of the players, but their determination to secure a Premier League spot kept them going.

? M A T C H D A Y ?
Mbeya City ? KMC FC
? NBCPL Regulation
? Sokoine Stadium
? 3.30 PM (E.A.T)


  • 89′ Penalty for KMC and make one for visitors
  • 31′ Sabilo Goal For Penalty to make 2 for Mbeya City
  • 28′ Penalty for Mbeya City
  • 3′ Goal for Mbeya City

Matokeo Mbeya City vs KMC Leo 13/6/2023 PLAY-OFF

In the 105th minute of extra time, a moment of magic occurred. KMC FC’s winger, Gomez, received the ball near the edge of the penalty area. With a burst of speed, he dribbled past two defenders and unleashed a powerful strike into the bottom corner, giving his team the crucial advantage.

Mbeya City fought valiantly in the remaining minutes of the match, desperately searching for an equalizer. However, KMC FC’s defense held firm, denying them any clear-cut chances. The final whistle blew, and the scoreboard displayed a 2-1 victory in favor of KMC FC.

The KMC FC players and fans erupted in jubilation, celebrating their hard-fought victory and securing promotion to the Premier League. Mbeya City, although disappointed, showed sportsmanship by congratulating their opponents on a thrilling contest.

With this victory, KMC FC had earned their place among the elite clubs of English football, ready to embark on an exciting journey in the NBC Premier League.

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