Matokeo Simba SC vs Zira FC Leo 24/7/2023

Matokeo Simba SC vs Zira FC Leo 24/7/2023 – As the 2023-24 NBC season draws to a close, the Simba SC is preparing for its first friendly match against Zira IK FC, a team from the competitive Azerbaijani league. This preliminary friendly game has great importance for the Simba SC as it serves as an important preparation tool before the official league starts.

The main goals of this friendly match are two. First of all, the Simba SC aims to evaluate the development and progress of its team during the preparation of the new season. It provides an opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills, form and teamwork under real match conditions. The coaching staff will take a close look at the players’ performances, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and areas that may need improvement before the start of the 2023-24 NBC season.

Second, this friendly match enables the Simba SC to see the practical implementation of the strategies and tactics of the coach. Training sessions leading up to this game may have focused on emphasizing the coach’s preferred style of play, systems and procedures. The match against Zira IK FC gives an opportunity to witness how the players get used to these techniques and how well they use them on the field.

Although the match does not have the same pressure as a league match, it is of great importance to the players. It serves as a light test for team preparation and consistency, helping to build trust and chemistry between players. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for new recruits to bond with the existing team and better understand team dynamics.

Matokeo Simba SC vs Zira FC Leo 24/7/2023

For the players, this friendly match represents more than an exhibition match. It is a chance to claim a place to start next season and show that they deserve to represent the Simba SC in the 2023-24 NBC league. Each player will be eager to impress the coaches and show their enthusiasm and commitment to the success of the team.

24/07/23 FT. Simba 1 – 1 Zirə PFK
  • 90′ FT Simba SC 1-1 Zira PFK FC
  • 80′ Kibu D with big chance miss, SSC 1-1 AZE
  • 66′ Rustam Ahmedzadeh equalize for Zira FC now is 1-1
  • 2nd HALF Kick-off
  • HT’ Simba SC 1-0 Zira FC
  • 45′ Kibu D net it to make count for Simba SC, Saido assist
  • 19′ ZIRA FC Filip Pahtmann missed a penalty, Ally Salim save the penalty
  • First Half KICK-OFF

Matokeo Simba SC vs Zira FC Leo 24/7/2023

Although the official season is still a few weeks away, the players will face this friendly match with utmost focus and energy. The result of this match will serve as the first step towards the new season and will set the tone for the club’s ambitions and aspirations in the upcoming NBC 2023-24 campaign.

When the players take the field, they will be proud to wear the Simba SC jersey and look forward to an exciting season ahead. The friendly match against Zira IK FC is not just an exhibition; it is the beginning of a journey that will define the success of Club de Leones in the coming season and will leave a lasting impression on the players, coaching staff and fans alike.

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