Matokeo team Kibwana vs team Job Leo 30/6/2023

Matokeo team Kibwana vs team Job Leo 30/6/2023 Mchezo wa Hisani – vikosi vya team Kibwana dhidi ya team Job. In a remarkable display of compassion and support for those in need, two players from the Yanga club have joined forces to organize a charity game aimed at assisting pregnant women.

These players, who share a similar background story, have taken inspiration from previous initiatives and are set to create a memorable event. The upcoming match between Team Kibwana and Team Dickson Job promises to be an exciting showdown, showcasing the talent and camaraderie of both sides.

In recent seasons, it has become increasingly common for professional athletes to utilize their platform and influence to give back to their communities. Following in the footsteps of other compassionate players, Team Kibwana and Team Dickson Job have decided to come together for a noble cause.

By organizing this charity game, they aim to raise funds and awareness to support pregnant women, recognizing the importance of providing them with the necessary resources and care during such a significant phase of their lives.

The collaboration between these two Yanga club players demonstrates the power of unity and solidarity. Their shared experiences have undoubtedly fueled their motivation to make a positive impact on society. By combining their skills and efforts, they aspire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of pregnant women who may be facing challenges or limited access to essential healthcare services.

Matokeo team Kibwana vs team Job Leo 30/6/2023

The charity game between Team Kibwana and Team Dickson Job is expected to be a highly anticipated event within the football community and beyond. Fans, supporters, and well-wishers will gather to witness an exciting match while contributing to a worthy cause. The players’ commitment to this initiative reflects their dedication not only to their sport but also to the betterment of society, particularly for vulnerable individuals like pregnant women.

FT. Mchezo wa Hisani Team Kibwana  2 – 2  Team Job
  • WINNER Team Jobs’
  • Penalty Shooting for the Winner of Match [2-4 Penalty]
  • FT Team Kibwana 2(2)-2(4) Team Job
  • 80′ Msuva again Team Kibwana now its 2-2
  • 74′ Msuva Goal for Team Kibwana to make it counting now, Kelvin John Assist
  • 49′ Sopu Goal for Team Job to make 2 for Jobs’
  • 45′ + 2 HT Team Kibwana 0-1 Team Job | WAPE TABASAMU
  • 32′ Lusajo Mwaikenda Yellow Card [Team Kibwana]
  • 23′ Sub In Kichuya Out Eng Heris [Team Job]
  • 22′ Sopu Goal for Team Dickson Job, Mayele Assist
  • 17′ Stats [1 Corner T. Kibwana – 3 Corner T. Job]

Matokeo team Kibwana vs team Job Leo 30/6/2023

In addition to the entertainment value of the match, the charity game will serve as a platform for raising awareness about the needs and struggles faced by pregnant women. It will highlight the importance of providing them with appropriate healthcare, support, and resources to ensure a healthy and safe journey through pregnancy.

Overall, the coming together of Team Kibwana and Team Dickson Job for this charity game signifies the compassion and empathy that can be found within the world of sports.

Through their actions, these players embody the spirit of giving back and demonstrate the positive influence athletes can have in uplifting communities and addressing societal challenges. Their joint effort to support pregnant women not only creates an exciting sporting event but also leaves a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

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