Matokeo Team Mwamnyeto vs Tanga Combine 2/7/2023

Matokeo Team Mwamnyeto vs Tanga Combine 2/7/2023 – The Mwamnyeto Foundation and Tanga Combine are set to face each other in a charity game dedicated to supporting orphans. This event aims to celebrate the act of giving and provide assistance to those in need under the umbrella of the Mwamnyeto Foundation.

Anticipated to be an exciting match, both teams bring unique qualities to the field. Led by Bakari Mwamnyeto, the Mwamnyeto Foundation team consists of renowned players from the NBC league. With their experience and expertise, these established athletes are expected to showcase their skills and contribute to an entertaining game.

The presence of these seasoned professionals adds a level of intrigue and anticipation for the spectators. On the other hand, the Tanga Combine team comprises a group of young and talented players. Their youthful energy and potential make them an exciting team to watch.

Matokeo Team Mwamnyeto vs Tanga Combine 2/7/2023

With the opportunity to prove themselves against established players, these youngsters will likely demonstrate their passion and commitment on the field. The clash between the experienced Mwamnyeto Foundation players and the up-and-coming talents of Tanga Combine promises an enjoyable experience for the fans.

FT. Mchezo wa Hisani T. Mwamnyeto  1- 3  Tanga Combine
  • 80′ Halfani Goal for Combine
  • 54′ Goal for Combine
  • 17′ Shaibu Ninja Goal to Mwamnyeto to make one one
  • 14′ Shiboli Goal to Combine

Matokeo Team Mwamnyeto vs Tanga Combine 2/7/2023

Donate to these Movements through:-

NMB- Acc No. 22210034935
Acc Name- Mwamnyeto Foundation

The charity game not only offers a platform for sporting entertainment but also serves a noble cause by raising awareness and support for orphans. It brings together the joy of football and the spirit of giving, creating a meaningful event that resonates with both the players and the audience.

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