Matokeo ya Yanga SC Leo 2023-24 NBC Premier League, CAF

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Young African, known as Yanga, are the leaders of the NBC league in Tanzania. Their good record includes winning the Tanzania League Cup 29 times, making them the most successful team in the history of the competition. Yanga’s permanent dominance has strengthened their status as champions of the Tanzanian league.

What sets Yanga apart is their amazing history of continued excellence in the Tanzanian league. Season after season, they have maintained a high level of performance, earning the respect and admiration of fans and competitors alike. Their commitment to quality on the field has made them a strong force in Tanzanian football.

Beyond his national success, Yanga has also written his name in the history of the NBC major league. One of his notable achievements was a 49 game unbeaten streak, a record that lasted until the 2022–23 season. In that memorable match, Yanga’s unbeaten streak was finally broken by Ihefu FC who won 2-1. This historic race showed the strength and dominance of Yanga in the league.

Matokeo ya Yanga SC Leo 2023-24 NBC Premier League, CAF

Yanga’s success is partly due to its talented squad of players who have consistently performed well. The players have had a great contribution in developing the team’s success in domestic competitions such as the Tanzanian league and the continent.

Matokeo ya Yanga SC Leo 2023-24 NBC Premier League, CAF

20/08/23 – CCL: ASAS 0 – 2 Young Africans

23/08/23 – NBC: Young Africans 5 – 0 KMC

26/08/23 – CCL: Young Africans 5 – 1 ASAS

29/08/23 – NBC: Young Africans 5 – 0 JKT Tanzania

16/09/23 – CCL: Al Merreikh 0 – 2 Young Africans

20/09/23 – NBC: Young Africans 1 – 0 Namungo

30/09/23 – CCL: Young Africans 1 – 0 Al Merreikh

04/10/23 – NBC: Ihefu 2 – 1 Young Africans

07/10/23 – NBC: Geita Gold 0 – 3 Young Africans

05/11/23 – NBC: Simba 1 – 5 Young Africans

8/11/23 – NBC: Coastal Union 0 – 1 Young Africans

In the 2022-23 season, Yanga left a big mark by reaching the finals of CAF club competitions, especially the CAF Confederation Cup. This success highlighted their ability to compete at the highest level in African football and cemented their reputation as one of the best clubs on the continent.

As Yanga continues to develop its history and seek excellence, fans eagerly await it every season, hoping to see their team add to its already successful list of achievements. With his great legacy and his determination to succeed, Yanga has remained a pillar in Tanzanian football and a source of pride for his loyal fans.

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