Meet In Love Teasers March 2024

Meet In Love Teasers March 2024: In the season finale, Meet Ahlawat is seen struggling with difficulty moving his hands, hinting at a possible health issue or injury. As the episode unfolds, Meet exposes shocking secrets about Neelam’s past, revealing the dark and mysterious deeds of her that have been hidden from everyone.

This revelation adds a dramatic twist to the story and leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, eager to see how the characters’ fates will unfold in the next season.

Meet In Love Teasers March 2024

Friday 1st March 2024

The tire of Laila’s car gets punctured and Meet tries to save Meet Ahlawat. Later, Laila sets the car on fire. Babita apologises to Meet. Rajvardhan asks Ram to call the police to get Laila arrested, but Barfi Devi reveals about Neelam’s mental disorder.

Saturday 2nd March 2024

They celebrate Diwali after getting Laila arrested. Soon, Meet Ahlawat tells everyone that he is unable to raise his hand. Laila tries to set Meet ablaze and makes a revelation. Ishani comes to save Meet, but Laila stops her. However, Meet Ahlawat comes to save Meet.

Sunday 3rd March 2024

Meet Ahlawat saves Meet’s life. Meet tells everyone that Neelam has no mental disorder and backs it with proof. Ishani tells Meet that Neelam was not molested and she is pregnant with Pratap’s child. Meet informs the family.

Monday 4th March 2024

Meet Ahlawat loses his eyesight. As suggested by Meet, the family hatches a ploy against Neelam, which leaves the latter furious. Meet tries to provoke Neelam. Meet Ahlawat’s condition worsens but Meet asks the family to continue their pretence.

Tuesday 5th March 2024

Meet spends time with Meet Ahlawat and takes a promise. Meet Ahlawat’s condition saddens his family. Meet Ahlawat’s condition worsens. Meet catches Neelam, but the lives of the Ahlawats are in danger. Neelam asks Meet to take a difficult decision.

Wednesday 6th March 2024

The doctor reveals that the antidote is not working on Meet Ahlawat. However, the Ahlawats’ prayers pay off. Ishani reveals to everyone that she is Ram’s daughter and shows them her mother’s video.

Meet In Love Teasers March 2024

Thursday 7th March 2024

Ram attempts suicide but Meet arrives in time. He apologises to Ragini and Ishani. Barfi Devi reveals to the Ahlawats that she owns their property. Rajvardhan talks about Barfi Devi having deceitfully taken his signature. Ram tells everyone his mistake. Ragini takes a big decision.

Friday 8th March 2024

Barfi Devi threatens Rajvardhan by sending him a video and gets Babita accused of theft. Barfi Devi makes Rajvardhan and Babita her house helps. Meet and Meet Ahlawat arrive there using disguises.

Saturday 9th March 2024

Meet and Meet Ahlawat meet Barfi Devi in disguises. Barfi Devi tortures Babita. Meet and Meet Ahlawat are glad as their plan works well. Meet Ahlawat stops Barfi Devi from slapping Babita. Meet tells Babita and Rajvardhan the truth. Barfi Devi holds a party.

Sunday 10th March 2024

Masoom and Ishani dance at the party but the police arrive. Barfi Devi learns Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s reality. Meet goes to get the house papers.

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