Mishahara ya Wachezaji wa Simba SC 2023/2024 Player Salaries

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Mishahara ya Wachezaji wa Simba SC 2023/2024 Player Salaries – In the Tanzanian league, Simba SC proves to be a team that offers competitive salaries to its players. More than financial compensation, Simba SC has endeavored to create a good environment for its players.

This includes a bonus system to reward exceptional play, allowing players to reap the benefits of their hard work and dedication. Whether it’s a great goal, an assist or an overall good performance, the team makes sure players are recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Furthermore, Simba SC goes the extra mile by addressing the general needs of its players. Recognizing that sportsmen need not only financial stability but also a good environment to perform well, the club strives to meet the various human needs that players may have. This can address a variety of issues, from personal well-being to family support.

Mishahara ya Wachezaji wa Simba SC 2023/2024 Player Salaries

# Mchezaji Country Salary
17 Clatous Chama Zambia 20Mil
22 John Raphael Bocco Tanzania 15Mil
Farouz Tanzania 1Mil
28 Aishi Salum Manula Tanzania 14Mil
40 Peter Banda Malawi 6Mil
18 Nasolo Kapama Tanzania 2.5Mil
Moses Phiri Zambia 15Mil
11 Luis Miqussion Tanzania 8.1Mil
16 Fondoh Che Malone Cameroon 9Mil
Aubian Kramo Cote d’Ivoire 9Mil
15 Mohamed Hussein Tanzania 10Mil
12 Shomari Kapombe Tanzania 10Mil
13 Hamisi Kazi Tanzania 2.2Mil
8 Sadio Kanouté Mali 16Mil
19 Mzamiru Yassin Tanzania 7Mil
Devid Kameta Tanzania 2Mil
30 Husein Abel Tanzania 2Mil
1 Ally Salim Juma Tanzania 1.8Mil
8 Fabrice Ngoma DR Congo 7Mil
Henoc Inonga Baka DR Congo 11Mil
26 Kennedy Juma Tanzania 3Mil
10 Saido Ntibanzokiza Burundi 6.2mIL
Israel Patrick Mwenda Tanzania 2mIL
38 Denis Kibu Tanzania 3.7Mil
Jimson Stephen Mwanuke Tanzania 1Mil
7 Willy Onana Cameroon 6 Million
20 Hussein Hasan Tanzania
Auyoub Lakrey Morocco
Hussein Abel Tanzania 2.1 Mil

By offering more than just salaries, Simba SC demonstrates its commitment to the development and well-being of its players as a whole. This approach not only fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie within the team, but also serves as a motivation for players to perform to the best of their ability.

As a result, Simba SC is the best example of how a soccer club can create an environment where players not only thrive on the field, but also feel appreciated and supported outside the field.

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