Morocco Throne Cup Final Fixtures 2023 Results

Morocco Throne Cup Final Fixtures 2023 Results – The 2022-23 Moroccan Throne Cup marked the 67th edition of this prestigious knockout football tournament in Morocco. The Throne Cup holds significant importance in Moroccan football and is highly anticipated by fans and teams alike.

As a knockout tournament, it provides an exciting platform for teams from various divisions and regions to compete against each other, with the ultimate goal of lifting the coveted trophy. The tournament showcases the depth and diversity of Moroccan football, allowing teams from different backgrounds and skill levels to come together and vie for glory.

Throughout its long history, the Moroccan Throne Cup has witnessed thrilling matches, memorable performances, and dramatic upsets. It has become a stage where both established and lesser-known teams can showcase their talent and make a name for themselves.

As each edition unfolds, football enthusiasts eagerly follow the progress of their favorite teams, hoping for success and a chance to witness remarkable displays of skill and teamwork. The Moroccan Throne Cup serves as a reminder of the passion and love for football that exists within the nation, uniting fans from all corners of the country.

Morocco Throne Cup Final Fixtures 2023 Results

Overall, the 2022-23 Moroccan Throne Cup was another chapter in the rich footballing tradition of Morocco, and it undoubtedly provided fans with moments of excitement, celebration, and anticipation for the next edition.

Morocco Throne Cup Final Fixtures 2023 Results


Sunday 09/07/2023
Wydad Casablanca  – Raja Casablanca
RSB Berkane  – FUS Rabat


Saturday 13/05/2023
FAR Rabat 0 – 1 FUS Rabat
Sunday 14/05/2023
Chabab Houara 1 – 2 RSB Berkane
Chabab Mohammédia 1 – 2 Raja Casablanca
Wednesday 24/05/2023
Difaâ El Jadida 1 – 2 Wydad Casablanca

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