MTN Super League Fixtures 2023/24

MTN Super League Fixtures 2023/24: After a long wait, the moment football fans in Zambia have been waiting for has arrived. The anticipated 2023/2024 MTN Premier League schedule has been launched by none other than the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ). With this important announcement, the stage is set for an exciting journey towards football excellence.

Marking an important moment in the sporting calendar, the launch of the add-on is generating a new wave of interest among fans, players and clubs alike. Known for its competitive spirit and exciting matches, the MTN Premier League promises to deliver another exciting season of football.

As the countdown begins, all eyes are on the calendar date of August 19, 2023, which has been recorded as the official start of the league. This long-awaited kick-off is the start of a series of battles on the field, where clubs will fight for supremacy, aiming to write their names in the annals of Zambian football history.

MTN Super League Fixtures 2023/24

Saturday 19/08/2023
16:00Green EaglesvsMutondo Stars
16:00NkwazivsKonkola Blades
16:00NkanavsRed Arrows
16:00Prison Leopards PSTP Power Dynamos
16:00Maestro United Zambia PSTP Zanaco
16:00NAPSA StarsvsZESCO United
16:00Forest RangersvsKabwe Warriors
16:00Mufulira WanderersvsGreen Buffaloes
16:00TridentvsKansanshi Dynamos
Saturday 26/08/2023
1:00Konkola BladesvsGreen Eagles
1:00Mutondo StarsvsNkana
1:00Power DynamosvsNkwazi
1:00Red ArrowsvsMaestro United Zambia
1:00ZESCO UnitedvsPrison Leopards
1:00ZanacovsForest Rangers
1:00Green BuffaloesvsNAPSA Stars
1:00Kabwe WarriorsvsTrident
1:00Kansanshi DynamosvsMufulira Wanderers
Saturday 02/09/2023
1:00Green EaglesvsNkana
1:00Konkola BladesvsPower Dynamos
1:00Maestro United ZambiavsMutondo Stars
1:00NkwazivsZESCO United
1:00Forest RangersvsRed Arrows
1:00Prison LeopardsvsGreen Buffaloes
1:00NAPSA StarsvsKansanshi Dynamos
1:00Mufulira WanderersvsKabwe Warriors
Saturday 16/09/2023
1:00Power DynamosvsGreen Eagles
1:00NkanavsMaestro United Zambia
1:00ZESCO UnitedvsKonkola Blades
1:00Mutondo StarsvsForest Rangers
1:00Green BuffaloesvsNkwazi
1:00Red ArrowsvsTrident
1:00Kansanshi DynamosvsPrison Leopards
1:00ZanacovsMufulira Wanderers
1:00Kabwe WarriorsvsNAPSA Stars
Saturday 23/09/2023
1:00Green EaglesvsMaestro United Zambia
1:00Power DynamosvsZESCO United
1:00Forest RangersvsNkana
1:00Konkola BladesvsGreen Buffaloes
1:00TridentvsMutondo Stars
1:00NkwazivsKansanshi Dynamos
1:00Mufulira WanderersvsRed Arrows
1:00Prison LeopardsvsKabwe Warriors
1:00NAPSA StarsvsZanaco
Saturday 30/09/2023
1:00ZESCO UnitedvsGreen Eagles
1:00Maestro United ZambiavsForest Rangers
1:00Green BuffaloesvsPower Dynamos
1:00Kansanshi DynamosvsKonkola Blades
1:00Mutondo StarsvsMufulira Wanderers
1:00Kabwe WarriorsvsNkwazi
1:00Red ArrowsvsNAPSA Stars
1:00ZanacovsPrison Leopards
Saturday 07/10/2023
1:00Green EaglesvsForest Rangers
1:00ZESCO UnitedvsGreen Buffaloes
1:00TridentvsMaestro United Zambia
1:00Power DynamosvsKansanshi Dynamos
1:00Mufulira WanderersvsNkana
1:00Konkola BladesvsKabwe Warriors
1:00NAPSA StarsvsMutondo Stars
1:00Prison LeopardsvsRed Arrows
Saturday 14/10/2023
1:00Green BuffaloesvsGreen Eagles
1:00Forest RangersvsTrident
1:00Kansanshi DynamosvsZESCO United
1:00Maestro United ZambiavsMufulira Wanderers
1:00Kabwe WarriorsvsPower Dynamos
1:00NkanavsNAPSA Stars
1:00ZanacovsKonkola Blades
1:00Mutondo StarsvsPrison Leopards
1:00Red ArrowsvsNkwazi
Saturday 28/10/2023
1:00Green EaglesvsTrident
1:00Green BuffaloesvsKansanshi Dynamos
1:00Mufulira WanderersvsForest Rangers
1:00ZESCO UnitedvsKabwe Warriors
1:00NAPSA StarsvsMaestro United Zambia
1:00Power DynamosvsZanaco
1:00Prison LeopardsvsNkana
1:00Konkola BladesvsRed Arrows
1:00NkwazivsMutondo Stars
Saturday 04/11/2023
2:00Kansanshi DynamosvsGreen Eagles
2:00TridentvsMufulira Wanderers
2:00Kabwe WarriorsvsGreen Buffaloes
2:00Forest RangersvsNAPSA Stars
2:00ZanacovsZESCO United
2:00Maestro United ZambiavsPrison Leopards
2:00Red ArrowsvsPower Dynamos
2:00Mutondo StarsvsKonkola Blades
Saturday 11/11/2023
2:00Green EaglesvsMufulira Wanderers
2:00Kansanshi DynamosvsKabwe Warriors
2:00NAPSA StarsvsTrident
2:00Green BuffaloesvsZanaco
2:00Prison LeopardsvsForest Rangers
2:00ZESCO UnitedvsRed Arrows
2:00NkwazivsMaestro United Zambia
2:00Power DynamosvsMutondo Stars
2:00Konkola BladesvsNkana
Wednesday 15/11/2023
2:00Kabwe WarriorsvsGreen Eagles
2:00Mufulira WanderersvsNAPSA Stars
2:00ZanacovsKansanshi Dynamos
2:00TridentvsPrison Leopards
2:00Red ArrowsvsGreen Buffaloes
2:00Forest RangersvsNkwazi
2:00Mutondo StarsvsZESCO United
2:00Maestro United ZambiavsKonkola Blades
2:00NkanavsPower Dynamos
Saturday 18/11/2023
2:00Green EaglesvsNAPSA Stars
2:00Kabwe WarriorsvsZanaco
2:00Prison LeopardsvsMufulira Wanderers
2:00Kansanshi DynamosvsRed Arrows
2:00Green BuffaloesvsMutondo Stars
2:00Konkola BladesvsForest Rangers
2:00ZESCO UnitedvsNkana
2:00Power DynamosvsMaestro United Zambia
Saturday 02/12/2023
2:00ZanacovsGreen Eagles
2:00NAPSA StarsvsPrison Leopards
2:00Red ArrowsvsKabwe Warriors
2:00Mufulira WanderersvsNkwazi
2:00Mutondo StarsvsKansanshi Dynamos
2:00TridentvsKonkola Blades
2:00NkanavsGreen Buffaloes
2:00Forest RangersvsPower Dynamos
2:00Maestro United ZambiavsZESCO United
Wednesday 06/12/2023
2:00Green EaglesvsPrison Leopards
2:00ZanacovsRed Arrows
2:00NkwazivsNAPSA Stars
2:00Kabwe WarriorsvsMutondo Stars
2:00Konkola BladesvsMufulira Wanderers
2:00Kansanshi DynamosvsNkana
2:00Power DynamosvsTrident
2:00Green BuffaloesvsMaestro United Zambia
2:00ZESCO UnitedvsForest Rangers
Saturday 09/12/2023
2:00Red ArrowsvsGreen Eagles
2:00Prison LeopardsvsNkwazi
2:00Mutondo StarsvsZanaco
2:00NAPSA StarsvsKonkola Blades
2:00NkanavsKabwe Warriors
2:00Mufulira WanderersvsPower Dynamos
2:00Maestro United ZambiavsKansanshi Dynamos
2:00TridentvsZESCO United
2:00Forest RangersvsGreen Buffaloes
Saturday 16/12/2023
2:00Green EaglesvsNkwazi
2:00Red ArrowsvsMutondo Stars
2:00Konkola BladesvsPrison Leopards
2:00Power DynamosvsNAPSA Stars
2:00Kabwe WarriorsvsMaestro United Zambia
2:00ZESCO UnitedvsMufulira Wanderers
2:00Kansanshi DynamosvsForest Rangers
2:00Green BuffaloesvsTrident

The process of planning and organizing a league of this magnitude is a testament to the commitment and extensive efforts of the Football Association of Zambia. Their commitment to promoting the growth of football in the nation, combined with the unwavering passion of players and fans, creates an interesting combination that unites the community and ignites the spirit of healthy competition.

MTN Super League Fixtures 2023/24

With each team scrutinizing matches, planning match strategies, and adjusting their squads, the anticipation and excitement is palpable. The MTN Super League is not just a football tournament; it is a cultural phenomenon that unites people under the banner of their favorite clubs, crossing barriers and creating connections.

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