NPSE Result 2023 Online MBSSE

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NPSE Result 2023 Online MBSSE – The Ministry of Primary and Higher Secondary Education (MBSSE) ratifies its support for the country in the campaign to replenish the GPE by increasing the allocation of the education budget each year for the next five years.

The Ministry confirms its support for your country in the campaign to replenish the GPE by increasing the education budget allocation every year for the next five years. The Ministry of Education ensured greater use of ICT at the school level and will continue working to increase the hours of Teacher/Student contact.

NPSE Result 2023 Online MBSSE

At the end of the replenishment meeting, the GPE received new commitments of more than $28.5 billion in additional funding for the education of millions of children in more than 60 developing countries.

Sierra Leone National Primary School Examination NPSE 2023 Results

The results of the Sierra Leone National Primary School Examination (NPSE) 2023 have created much anticipation and excitement among students, parents and educators alike. The National Primary School Examination (NPSE) is a major annual assessment conducted in Sierra Leone to assess the academic performance of primary school students.

Its purpose is to determine your eligibility to continue on to secondary education, making it an important step in your educational journey. The National Primary School Examination is a milestone in education in Sierra Leone.

“Entries for 2023 were 1,792 greater than for the 2022 NPSE. This is an increase of approximately 1%.  From the results received, the NPSE candidate entry for 2023 was 163,860 compared to 2022 when it was 162,068. “The results received were for 4,790 primary schools compared to 4,635 in 2022. The entry figure comprised of 80,129 (48.9%) boys and 83,731 (51.1%) girls compared with 79,617 (49.1%) boys and 82,451 (50.9%) girls in 2022.

“163,685 candidates (83,640 girls and 80,045 boys) sat at least one subject in the 2023 NPSE. A total of 175 candidates (91 girls and 84 boys) were absent for all subjects. The highest aggregate T-score obtained in the 2023 NPSE was 339. 133,129 candidates comprising of 67,848 girls and 65,281 boys, passed the NPSE in 2023, compared to 131,433 candidates, comprising 65,152 boys and 66,281 girls, who passed the NPSE in 2022.

“(These are candidates whose aggregate scores were on or above the cut-off score of 230 stipulated by the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education.) The passes correspond to an overall pass rate of 81.3%, a boys’ pass rate of 81.6% and a girls’ pass rate of 81.1%.

“The overall pass rate is very slightly above the 2022 pass rate of 81.2% and the girls’ pass rate of 80.5%. Despite the 2023 girls’ pass rate is slightly lower than that of the boys, it should be noted that more girls both sat and passed the examination than boys”.

Top Performance Student for NPSE 2023

1.Davies Floydalin-Female-Murray-Deen Preparatory School
2.Davies Floyd, Male, Murray-Deen Preparatory School
3.Saffa Siam Deborah, Female, Murray-Deen Preparatory School
4.Tairu Haja Z., Female, Apex Int/nal Pri. Sch., Bolling St., Kingtom
5.Crowther Malia E.S., Nenneh’s Pri.Sch., Campbell St.
6.Benjamin Bamijoko Gloria F, S.O.S.Herman Gmeiner, Lumley
7.Kamara Abubakarr, Male, Murray-Deen Preparatory School
8.Carew Abibatu A. J., Female, Yamakai Action Prep., Fatta Rahman Street
9.Nasralla Nefertiti C., Female, Apex Int/Nal Pri. Sch. Bolling St., Kingtom
10.Lambert Sophie I.R., Female, The International School Ltd., (Primary)
11.Sawaneh Alusine Morlai, Male, Troy Tilkaran Pri.Sch., Kamsondo

When will the 2023 NPSE results be released?

The 2023 National Primary School Examination (NPSE) results are expected to be officially released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MBSSE) this week between July 10-16. of 2023 that was done nationwide on Friday, May 6, 2023.

Results packets are being prepared for immediate distribution to all schools that admitted candidates. The wait is almost over and soon students will be able to learn about their NPSE performance, paving the way for their future academic endeavors.

How To Check NPSE Result 2023 Online

Checking your NPSE result online is a simple and convenient process. To start the process, you need to purchase a starter card. You can do this through AfriMoney, a popular mobile money service in Sierra Leone. The Starter Card costs 30,000 Leones (Le30) and gives you the necessary credentials to access your NPSE results.

Once you have made the payment, AfriMoney will send you an SMS with a 12-digit PIN and a password starting with “WRS” followed by nine digits. Be sure to keep this information secure and easily accessible. Then follow the steps below to check your results now.

  1. Access the Result Checker Website: Open your preferred web browser and type the following link in the address bar: This link will take you to the official NPSE Result 2023 online Checker as shown on the image below.

NPSE Result 2023 Online MBSSE

  1. Select the Type of Examination (e.g. S S S C E).
  2. Enter your 10-digit Index Number.
  3. Select your Examination Year eg. 2008.
  4. Confirm your Index Number and Examination Year. This is to ensure that your examination information is correct.
  5. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.
  6. Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card eg. 012345678912.
  7. Click on the Submit button and wait for the display in the popup window. This may take several minutes. Ensure that popup blocker is disabled on your browser

Checking 2023 NPSE Results Via SMS


NPSE Result 2023 Online MBSSE

To check your NPSE Result 2023 Vis SMS, send a SMS with text “RESULT” to 468. This service is available on Orange and Africell networks.

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