NSSF Due Date Tanzania | Payment of Contributions

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NSSF Due Date Tanzania | Payment of Contributions, Deadline for payment of various taxes and file returns, Tanzania Payroll and Tax, TAX CALENDAR 2023-2024.

We share information about the needs of employers registered with the National Social Security Agency (NSSF). Pursuant to section 12 of the NSSF Act [Cap. 50 RE 2018], these employers are required to make monthly contributions.

The National Social Security Fund plays an important role in providing social security benefits to workers in many countries. These monthly contributions from employers and employees help fund various social security programs, including pensions, disability benefits, and other forms of social assistance.

Employers must ensure they meet these contribution requirements to meet their legal obligations and provide social security benefits to their employees. It is important that employers and employees are aware of their obligations under the NSSF Act and contribute accordingly to support community safety.

NSSF Due Date Tanzania | Payment of Contributions

Additional information on contributions, rates and penalties under the Social Security Fund (NSSF). Here’s a summary of the highlights:

NSSF Due Date Tanzania | Payment of Contributions

Employer Location vs. Payment Center:

Contributions to employers with offices located in multiple regions must be counted at the NSSF office where contributions are sent. Regional offices are encouraged to cooperate to ensure employer compliance with branches in various regions.

Contribution rates:

Registered employers must remit 20% of their employees’ wages as a joint contribution, shared between the employer and employee. The level of the employee’s participation should not exceed 10% of their monthly salary. This can be arranged as 10% employer/10% employee or 15% employer/5% employee. However, employers have the opportunity to send the full 20% without deduction from employees’ salaries.


If any contribution is not paid within the prescribed period as stipulated under Section 14, sub-section (1) of the NSSF Act, a penalty equal to five per cent of the unpaid amount shall be added for each month or part of a month thereafter. of the payment date. This fine amount will be considered a debt between the Fund and the employer and may be recovered.

Compliance with these contribution rates and payment deadlines is essential for employers to meet their obligations under the NSSF and avoid penalties. It is important for employers and employees to be aware of these regulations to ensure adequate social security and benefits.

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