Nyasa Big Bullets Starting Lineup vs Young Africans 6/7/2023

Nyasa Big Bullets Starting Lineup vs Young Africans 6/7/2023 – Yanga SC vs Nyasa Big Bullets Lineups today on Friendly Match, a Tanzanian football club, will begin their journey to face Nyasa Big Bullets of Malawi in a friendly game.

This long awaited meeting has special significance as it coincides with the 59th anniversary of Malawi’s independence. The match is scheduled for Thursday, to pay proper tribute to the historic event.

During a press conference held in Lilongwe last Thursday, Uchizi Mkandawire, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Malawi, officially confirmed the inclusion of this game in a series of activities organized to celebrate Malawi’s Independence Day.

The GOVERNMENT has announced that Nyasa Big Bullets, the defending champions of the TNM Premier League, will take part in a fierce battle against the young Africans who emerged champions of the NBC Premier League. Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe has been chosen as the venue for this exciting fight.

This friendly game between Young Africans and Nyasa Big Bullets not only shows the talent and competition of both teams, but also symbolizes the great friendship between Tanzania and Malawi. It serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of sportsmanship and friendship that transcends national boundaries.

Nyasa Big Bullets Starting Lineup vs Young Africans 6/7/2023

As the young Africans head to Lilongwe, the expectations of the players, coaches and fans are palpable. This trip not only represents an opportunity for the team to showcase their skills on the international stage, but also promotes cultural exchange and mutual respect between the two nations.

The match itself is expected to be exciting, with both teams eager to prove themselves. Young Africans and Nyasa Big Bullets will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory, demonstrating their tactical prowess, technical expertise and unwavering determination. The National Stadium in Bingu will be resounding with the joy and shouts of enthusiastic fans as they watch this exciting battle between football giants.

Nyasa Big Bullets Starting Lineup vs Young Africans 6/7/2023

Nyasa Big Bullets lineup

  • 23 Chimbamba
  • 2 Kaonga
  • 4 Mpokera
  • 11 Banda
  • 13 Fodya
  • 17 Kabichi(c)
  • 20 Phiri
  • 24 Mgira
  • 26 Singo
  • 32 Pasuwa
  • 33 Kondowe

Yanga SC Lineup

  • Mettacha Mnata
  • Maulid Tamila
  • Mohamed Omar
  • Shaibu Mtita
  • Lomalisa
  • Khamis Nanguka
  • Crispin Ngushi
  • Nkane Denis
  • Shariphu Kimbowa
  • Mzize
  • Moses Aliro

H2H Nyasa Big Bullets vs Yanga

  • Yanga and Bullets last met during the opening match of the 2021 CECAFA Cup in Tanzania in a match that ended in a 1-1 draw.

This friendly meeting, which coincided with the celebration of the 59th anniversary of Malawi’s independence, has great significance for both nations. It highlights the enduring values of freedom, unity and development that form the foundation of Malawi’s journey as an independent nation. Furthermore, it is an example of the good relationship and shared love for the beautiful game that Tanzania and Malawi enjoy.

While the match continues, the players will carry the hopes and expectations of their clubs and nations. They will strive to make their mark on the field, showing their talent and passion for the game. This match not only demonstrates the power of football to unite people, but also celebrates the achievements and progress Malawi has made since independence.

Amidst preparations for the historic match, football fans from both countries are expecting a clash between Young Africans and Nyasa Big Bullets. The game promises to be a memorable event that will be written in the history of the game, showing the best of African football and the enduring spirit of freedom.

When the teams take to the field on Thursday, the match will be an example of the values and aspirations of Tanzania and Malawi. It will be a celebration of friendship, unity and love for the beautiful game, which will leave a lasting impression on players, fans and the football community as a whole.

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